Structural Fire Protection in Buildings
At PRIORIT you find fire-resistant and building regulations compliant components that meet your individual needs. PRIORIT provides fire protection standards as well as made to measure at standard prices. PRIORIT’s own production facilities in Germany make it possible.
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Structural Fire Protection in Tunnel Engineering
Utilize the variety in one of the largest product ranges for structural fire protection products that exist on the market for tunnel products. The individual production at PRIORIT’s own production facilities guarantees maximum accuracy and functional reliability.
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Storage of Hazardous Materials
Since 2000 and thanks to PRIORIT safety storage cabinets, the storage of hazardous material became simple, safe and most importantly affordable! Nothing hast changed since in the - significantly expanded - PRIORIT product offering.
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Physical IT and Data Protection
If you are looking for safety, when safety ends, look for PRIORIT physical IT and data protection. The test procedures comply with the strictest national, international and European standards such as EN 1047 part 2 and ECB-S.
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PRIORIT develops and produces fire protection products exclusively in Germany. All products comply to fire safety objectives. The manufacture of products is monitored by building authorities and guarantees the consistent quality of.
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