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Mobile high-security room cell in containers

With the HS-RZ CONT, PRIORIT AG presents a new product category for physical IT protection – a container system-tested to EN 1047-2 with ECB-S certificate.
The container offers maximum protection for sensitive IT infrastructure within conventional data centers to EN 1047-2 and fulfils the legal requirements for fire safety to DIN 4102.

Hochsicherheitsraumzelle in Containerausführung - PRIORIT HSRZ CONT

DIN EN 1047-2 / Table 1 – Permissible deviations of the serial products as opposed to the test specimen.

  Minimum Maximum
Type A and Type B data security rooms - PRIORIT HSRZ CONT

Interior height
Test specimen : 2070 mm

- 50%

+ 50%

Interior width
Test specimen : 1835 mm

- 70%

no limit 1)

Interior length :
Test specimen : 3300 mm

- 70% no limit 1)
Data security container
Interior height - 50% Enlargement not permitted
Interior width - 15% + 50% 3)
Interior length - 15% + 50%
Door openings (clear passage dimension)
Height - 50% Enlargement not permitted
Width - 25% Enlargement not permitted
Compact material thickness of walls, ceiling, floor and door - 3 % 2) no limit
Openings (outside dimensions), e.g. ventilation openings keine Grenze + 15%

1) Support structures can be installed in the test specimens for the type test. Evidence of a support structure in the fire-resistance test (see 6.6.1 of DIN EN 1047-2:2013-05) is required when the dimensions of the serial product differ from those of the test specimen.

2) Deviations in the tolerance (-3% for walls, ceiling, floor and door) are only permitted following approval by the certification centre or test laboratory.

3) The enlargement of the interior width of the data security container (max. +50%) in combination with the installation of additional wall sections is only permitted following approval of the certification centre or test laboratory.


DIN EN 1047-2 / Table 2 - Protection class requirements

Protection class Fire endurance
test (6.6.1)
Impact test (6.6.2) Comparison testsb
Maximum temperature increase Maximum relative humidity Maximum temperature increase Maximum relative humidity

R 60 D
Typ A

50 K

85 %


Assessment according to b

Assessment according to b

R 60 D
Typ B

50 K

85 % Integrity of EN 1363-1:1999, 3.1.9 and 10.4.5 Assessment according to b Assessment according to b
C 60 D 50 K 85 % Integrity of EN 1363-1:1999, 3.1.9 and 10.4.5 Assessment according to b Assessment according to b
R refers to data rooms
C refers to data containers
60 refers to the 60 minute fire exposure time
D characterizes the kind of data media and hardware systems which may be protected and includes all kinds of data media except those that lose their data at temperatures below 75 °C and relative air humidity above 85 %.

a Data rooms of type A are only installed within walls and ceilings with minimum fire integrity (see 3.2) and are therefore not tested for impact resistance.
b Assessment of comparison test results for floor constructions, alternative constructions for walls and ceiling or other construction variants.

If the construction of the floor differs from the wall or ceiling construction (see 5.4 and 6.6.3) or the construction of the walls and ceiling differs from the type-tested construction (see 5.5 and 6.6.3) and for all other construction variants (see 5.6 and 6.6.3), the results of the comparison test conducted on the specimens are assessed according to the following formula:
50 – ΔTA ≥ ΔTB – ΔTC

ΔTA = temperature rise in K during the type-test of the data room resp. data container
ΔTB = temperature rise in K above the floor construction, the alternative construction or other construction variant during the comparison test (see 6.6.3)
ΔTC = temperature rise in K above the comparison specimen (respectively wall or ceiling panel and construction variant of the type test) during the comparison test.


In particular, it is used for short-term alternative accommodation of IT components and at the same time provides the best possible security, maximum fire protection and a high degree of flexibility. Flexibility in two respects – on the one hand in the choice of location for the container and on the other in equipping the container with the necessary IT components.

Users can therefore choose not only the location but also the fitout to match their requirements. The standard sizes of the containers (TEU and FEU) mean that they can be transported and positioned easily. The standard package container is equipped with 2 cable penetration seals. The interior can be planned to suit the specific project with regard to the IT hardware to be protected, air conditioning, power supply and extinguishing systems. IT racks can be mounted easily thanks to a flexible housing system.

The robustly built HS-RZ CONT is based on a standard ISO container (twenty-foot equivalent unit or forty-foot equivalent unit). It is made of a fire-resistant construction together with a protective layer attached on the inside. The container therefore fulfils the EN 1047-2 regarding fire protection and functional endurance. Because in the event of a fire the temperature increase inside the container lies within the specified limits. Doors and cable penetration seals also conform to the stringent requirements of EN 1047-2.

Strict compliance with the limit values is also confirmed by guaranteed by the ECB•S certificate.

The HS-RZ CONT is system-tested and according to ECS it meets the highest fire protection and fire safety standards. The ECB (European Certification Body GmbH) tests security containers independently and certifies them to relevant European and international safety standards.

All HS-RZ CONTs also have a CSC plate according to the international Container Safety Convention. This means that the container can be transported worldwide by truck, rail or ship without complications.

Individual special dimensions!

Mobile Hochsicherheitsraumzelle HSRZ CONT - Individuelle Sondergrößen

Delivery of the PRIORIT HSRZ CONT

Art.-No.: External dimension (Length x Height x Width in mm)
HSRZ-CONT-TEU 6058 x 2890 x 2438
HSRZ-CONT-FEU 12192 x 2890 x 2438
Individual special dimensions to maximum 12192 x 3000 x 3000

Advantages of the PRIORIT HSRZ CONT:

        • Tested and certified to EN 1047-2 (R60D)
        • ECB•S certificate
        • CSC certificate
        • Easy transport and uncomplicated setting up
        • Flexible and fast use inside and outside buildings
        • Fixtures and fittings are individually designable
        • External appearance individually designable
        PRIORIT HSRZ-CONT R 60D in containers
        PRIORIT HSRZ-CONT R 60D in containers
        Cable penetration seal
        Cable penetration seal
        Fire door
        Fire door
        Access control system (optional)
        Access control system (optional)
        Rail system for easy installation of the IT racks
        Rail system for easy installation of the IT racks


            • Fire resistance 180 minutes (Element testing for wall, ceiling, floor)
            • Fire resistance 90 minutes (Element testing for doors, penetration seals)
            • R 60 D classification
            • Compliance with the limits specified in EN 1047 Part 2
            • ECB•S certification
            • System test by official material testing institute
            • Protection rating according to IP 56
            • Anti-burglary protection according to RC2 DIN EN 1627
            • Overall system verification IP 56 according to EN 60529
            • Protection against electromagnetic radiation


                • Standard ISO shipping container as external housing
                • Wall structure inside made of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) (PP2 0.4 Thermal conductivity coefficient = 0.11 W/mK, 240 mm thick)
                • Solid construction floor and ceiling elements inside (PDE4.4 0.55 Thermal conductivity coefficient = 0.18 W/mK, 250 mm thick)
                • Additional internal lining with aluminum vapor barrier as protection against electromagnetic radiation and moisture
                • Fire door
                • Roxtec cable penetration seal with maintenance door


                  • Automatic door opening with chain drive
                  • Cladding of the container for outdoor installation
                  • Individual internal paneling
                  • Additional doors
                  • Access control system
                  • Rail system, individually projectable, for simple installation and long-term IT-rack mobility

                    Testing to EN 1047-2 at the MPA Dresden


                    Criteria and results

                    EN 1047-2 contains criteria for the fire resistance of data rooms and containers.

                    Objective of the standard:    
                    the protection and therefore functional endurance of IT infrastructure in case of fire (fire from outside)

                    Test criteria:    
                    Flame application over 60 min.
                    24 hour cooling phase.

                    Limit values:
                    The maximum allowable internal temperature rise is 50 Kelvin and the maximum allowable humidity is 85%

                      Einhaltung der Grenzwerte der DIN EN 1047-2

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