Fire protection forbids monitors in foyers

Application example PRIODIS
Application example PRIODIS

Either remove monitors from emergency routes or go PRIODIS!

Monitors are electrical components which, if constructed in escape and emergency routes, pose a high risk potential. In the event of a defect, an emergency route can quickly be filled with smoke. According to German construction law, this is illegal!
In accordance with Section 14 MBO, “structural facilities have to be arranged, set up, changed and maintained so that the start of a fire and the spread of fire and smoke (…) is prevented (…)” And Section 40 adds: “In essential staircases (…) and in essential hallways, circuit systems [and appliances] are only permitted if use as an emergency route in the event of fire is possible for sufficiently long.”

The cheap and visually appealing solution comes from PRIORIT!

PRIODIS is the tried and tested protection for the legally acceptable use of monitors in escape and emergency routes! PRIODIS effectively seals off monitors from escape and emergency routes! By using PRIODIS, modern flat-screens can be operated in all escape and emergency routes and foyers. PRIODIS guarantees that incipient fires in monitors do not start and that emergency routes stay free of smoke and fire from monitors. In this way monitors can provide information with the latest news, videos and advertising in all hallways, foyers and assembly points without any problems.

PRIODIS 30 with fire resistance of 30 min.

PRIODIS is a housing that completely encloses monitors. Non-flammable construction materials ensure that the monitors remain safely separated from escape and emergency routes, including including in the event of a fire. Seals on the embrasures and cable entry points guarantee that no smoke can escape. Test reports prove the suitability of the fire protection housings.

Diamond cut safety glass provides high-contrast image reproduction from all perspectives and protects the monitors from dust, dirt and vandalism. This means maximum security for public operations in schools, halls and foyers.

PRIODIS is the latest product for maximum monitor safety from PRIORIT.