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Physical IT-Protection

The use of computer technology steadily increases in the economic process, offering new challenges and possible solutions again and again. Computerized business processes are now an indispensable part of business. Whether large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises or the public administration - the majority uses IT for business processes, production, sales and customer relationship management.

Thus, the functional reliability (24/7) of the entire networked IT system always comes first. Otherwise a major economic damage may result from malfunction.

The following functions depend on the availability of IT systems:

    • Productivity
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Quality management

    A lot of invaluable information is digitally stored in many companies in a very small space. The larger the amount of stored date, the more severe will be a loss and the associated operational failure. Companies must proactively prepare for such a scenario.

    Physical IT Protection

    IT systems maintained by companies for data processing, Internet and communications have become an essential component for business and production processes. They therefore require special protection: even and especially in case of fire. PRIORIT solutions ensure the maintenance of performance of IT systems in case of fire and thus the safe operation of ITbased business processes.