Electrical Operating Rooms and Functional Units

Structural Fire Protection in Buildings

Electrical operating room and functional units

If electrical distribution boards are to be accommodated in separate rooms to ensure functional endurance, the Model Pipe and Cable System Guidelines (“Muster-Leitungsanlagen-Richtlinie” – MLAR) specify the following regarding verification:

For example, according to Section 5.2.2 Distribution boards for electrical wiring systems with functional endurance according to Section 5.3 shall be accommodated in separate rooms not used for other purposes, which are separated from other rooms by walls, ceilings and doors with a fire resistance corresponding to the necessary functional endurance period and – with the exception of doors – are made of non-combustible building materials.

The MLAR does not give any details of the necessary size of the separate room. This means that, in the respective individual case, it must be ensured that the function of the electrical installations is ensured in case of fire for the necessary functional endurance duration, unless a regulatory suitability verification exists for the functional endurance.