Mobile high-security room cell in container format

Container space solution

Backup system for network systems

Meets the requirements of EN 1047-2. ECB-S


PRIORIT HS-RZ CONT is a fire-resistant IT-Room for the protection of IT, communication and network systems to EN 1047-2. As a flexibly usable and easy to transport container space solution, the standard HS-RZ CONT is prepared for flexible customer use and individual customer equipping with IT components. The space solution fulfils the strict requirements of EN 1047-2 and is ECB-S certified.

Fire door

Cable penetration seal


  • R 60 D classification
  • Compliance with the limits specified in EN 1047 Part 2
  • ECB•S certification
  • System test by official material testing institute
  • Protection rating according to IP 56
  • Anti-burglary protection according to RC2 DIN EN 1627
  • Overall system verification IP 56 according to EN 60529
  • Protection against electromagnetic radiation


  • Standard ISO shipping container as external housing
  • Wall structure inside made of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) (PP2 0.4 Thermal conductivity coefficient = 0.11 W/mK, 240 mm thick)
  • Solid construction floor and ceiling elements inside (PDE4.4 0.55 Thermal conductivity coefficient = 0.18 W/mK, 250 mm thick)
  • Additional internal lining with aluminum vapor barrier as protection against electromagnetic radiation and moisture
  • Fire door
  • Roxtec cable penetration seal with maintenance door

Multilayer construction

Cable bulkhead, not used

Material characteristic

  • Steel sheet, painted outside
  • Standard colour white resembling RAL 9016

Dimension drawing

File name
Catalogue excerpt .pdf
Text for tender PRIORIT HSRZ CONT .pdf


Rail system, individually projectable, for simple installation and long-term IT-rack mobility

  • Automatic door opening with chain drive
  • Cladding of the container for outdoor installation
  • Individual internal paneling