High-security Room Cell

Consists of wall elements

In accordance with EN 1047 Part 2

Maximum IT protection


The PRIORIT high-security room cell (HSRZ) is used for IT, communication and back-up/archival systems if high availability is a must. The room system has a very high mechanical strength against extreme impact and pressure loads, also in the event of a fire. It was tested to the stringent requirements of EN 1047 Part 2 and consists of wall elements, which have passed a test according to EN 1363 F180.

This means:

  • Maximum IT protection + maximum IT security
  • IT protection according to EN 1047/2 + statutory fire protection according to DIN 4102

Comprehensive single-source IT protection

  • Inventory
  • Individual planning
  • Customer-specific solution suggestions
  • Detailed proposal
  • Complete assembly/installation

The high-security room cell (HSRZ) offers

  • A flexible room structure,
  • Security levels adequate for customer needs,
  • Retroactive modification possibilities, and
  • Great adaptability to building structure.

Cable bulkhead

HSRZ climate and overpressure control damper


  • Fire resistance 180 minutes (Element testing for wall, ceiling, floor)
  • Fire resistance 90 minutes (Element testing for doors, penetration seals)
  • R 60 D classification
  • Compliance with the limits specified in EN 1047 Part 2
  • ECB•S certification
  • System test by official material testing institute
  • Protection rating according to IP 56
  • Anti-burglary protection according to RC3 DIN EN 1627
  • Overall system verification IP 56 according to EN 60529
  • Protection against electromagnetic radiation


  • Room with a very high mechanical and thermal strength
  • ECB•S certified for highest demands
  • Ultra-lightweight speciality concrete with steel reinforcement, watertight
  • Door(s) with three sealing levels
  • Door(s) with 3D stainless steel bands, multi-locking system, profile cylinder and anti-panic function
  • Overpressure and climate control damper
  • Fire resistant pipe and cable bulkheads


  1. Ultra-light speciality concrete, watertight
  2. Water repellent special geomembrane, overlapping SD > 1500 mm
  3. Metallic foil coating as electromagnetic shielding
  4. Corrosion resistant steel reinforcement as burglary protection, statically effective
  5. Waterproof jointing
  6. Brackets made of galvanized steel
  7. Gasket profile
  8. Trim
  9. Optional façade cladding
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