Hydraulic door closer
Removable shelf
Supply and exhaust air opening DN 100 at the ceiling
Safety cabinet PRIOCAB type 30, double-leaf
Hydraulic door closer
Removable shelf
Supply and exhaust air opening DN 100 at the ceiling
Safety cabinet PRIOCAB type 30, double-leaf


Safety Cabinets according to DIN EN 14470-1

Storage of flammable liquids and solids

With shelves or pull-outs


  • Geeignet zur Lagerung von Lithium-Batterien
  • Kennzeichnung nach Bauproduktenverordnung
  • Geprüft entsprechend deutscher Industrienorm
  • Geprüft entsprechend harmonisierter europäischer Norm
  • Gewährleistung der internationalen und deutschen Sicherheitsstandards z.B. nach dem Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz
  • PRIORIT Standard Dekoroberflächen sind unempfindlich gegen alle im Haushalt üblichen Reinigungsmittel
  • Feuerwiderstandsfähigkeit für Gefahrstofflagerschrank nach DIN EN 14470-1


Fire-retardant safety cabinet Typ30 in three sizes for proper storage of flammable liquids and solids in work rooms. The single-layer structure of the cabinet body and door provide an unusually high stability and durability. The interior and exterior surfaces are chemically resistant and easy to clean. Free standing cabinets are standardly equipped height-adjustable feet that can be aligned from the inside and a ground clearance of 100 mm for easy lifting. The safety cabinets Typ30 provides a fire resistance of 30 minutes; it has been tested according to the European Directive on Laboratory Furniture and GS certified.

Undertable safety cabinet 2-leaf

Drain pan with perforated plate insert


  • Fire resistance 30 minutes
  • Complies with the Directive on Laboratory Furniture EN 14727
  • GS Certificates
  • Safety cabinet Typ30 according to EN 14470-1
  • Suitable for the storage of inflammable fluids


  • Safety cabinet with high-quality surface inside and outside
  • Single layer wall structure of homogeneous solid material
  • Available sizes: single, double and two-leaf undertable cabinet
  • Self-closing ventilation openings at the cabinet top operate in the event of a fire, connections DN 100 mm
  • Door closer with integrated hold-open system and thermocouples for automatic door closure in the event of fire
  • Three adjustable tank bottoms, load capacity 75 kg, hole-matrix dimension 32 mm
  • Floor pan with perforated plate insert for use as a fourth storage level
  • Grounded tank bottom, tilt resistant with a central hole for systematic removal of leakage
  • With ground clearance for easy lifting, height 100 mm with removable front panel

Adjustable in height

Plinth with ground clearance for easy lifting

Material characteristic

  • Homogeneous building material, single-layer construction
  • Standard surface CP laminate
  • Surface light grey, similar to RAL 7035
  • Easy to clean

Dimension drawing

zeichnung priocab typ30 en31zeichnung priocab typ30 en32zeichnung priocab typ30 en32U

Catalogue excerpt
Text for tender PRIOCAB Typ30
Operating instructions PRIOCAB Typ30
Installation instructions Recirculated air attachment EBEL:VENT-EN-U
Installation instructions Replacement filter
Installation instructions Single cable conduit bushing
Installation instructions pull-outs for PRIOCAB
  • Doors and entire body in alternative RAL colours / surfaces, on request
  • Additional tray bottom, fully extendable shelf
  • Increase of tank bottom bearing loads to 150 kg
  • Floor pan incl. perforated plate insert
  • Non-slip mat for fully-extendable shelf
  • Fine (pre)filter for EBEL:VENT-EN-U (replacement)
  • Replacement active charcoal filter for EBEL:VENT-EN-U
  • Connection adaptor for EBEL:VENT-EN-U for connections d = 100 mm; consisting of: reducer 75/100, hose clips, aluminium flexible hose d = 100 mm, valve sleeve, installation manual
  • EBEL VENT EN U produktbildEBEL:VENT-EN-U Recirculated air attachment
  • EBEL VENT EN A produktbildEBEL:VENT-EN-A Extract air attachment