Certified, flame-resistant pipe penetrations
Back side: Ventilation openings for incoming and exhaust air and pipe penetrations
Door-closing mechanism
Certified, flame-resistant pipe penetrations
Back side: Ventilation openings for incoming and exhaust air and pipe penetrations
Door-closing mechanism


Under-table cabinets according to DIN EN 14470-1

Fully extendable cupboards with one or two pull-outs

Storage of flammable substances

GS certified

  • Geeignet zur Lagerung von Lithium-Batterien
  • Kennzeichnung nach Bauproduktenverordnung
  • Geprüft entsprechend deutscher Industrienorm
  • Geprüft entsprechend harmonisierter europäischer Norm
  • Gewährleistung der internationalen und deutschen Sicherheitsstandards z.B. nach dem Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz
  • PRIORIT Standard Dekoroberflächen sind unempfindlich gegen alle im Haushalt üblichen Reinigungsmittel
  • Feuerwiderstandsfähigkeit für Gefahrstofflagerschrank nach DIN EN 14470-1
  • PRIORIT Bauteile und Verbundstoffe sind inklusive Oberfläche geprüft und klassifiziert nach EN 13501-1: nichtbrennbarer Baustoff der Klasse A2 – s1, d0


Type90 flame-resistant under-table safety cabinet in two versions: with a front panel or with two separate front panels. Suitable for the approved storage of flammable solids and liquids in workrooms. The under-table pull-out cabinets feature extraordinary stability and durability. The basic material is highly compacted, non-absorbent, and doesn‘t represent a thermal load. The cabinets can be aligned by default with height-adjustable feet. The type90 safety cabinets are tested and GS certified under the new European laboratory furniture directive.

Under-table pull-out cabinet, full-extension drawer open

Shelve, 60 kg bearing load


  • Complies with the Directive on Laboratory Furniture EN 14727
  • GS Certificates
  • Fire resistance 90 minutes
  • Safety cabinet Typ90 according to EN 14470-1
  • Suitable for the storage of inflammable fluids


  • Safety cabinet with high-quality surface inside and outside
  • Single-leaf doors and walls made of solid homogeneous material
  • Self-closing ventilation and exhaust opening in case of fire
  • Free-moving drawer with locking function in case of fire
  • Certified, flame-resistant pipe penetrations for use as unloading/disposal station
  • Earthing terminal for safely transferring hazardous substances
  • Lockable with cylinder lock including closure-status indicator
  • Cabinet is equipped with rollers for easy on-site movement

Under-table safety cabinet with one pull-out

Material quality, PRIODEK H

Material characteristic

  • Standard surface CP laminate is chemically highly stable and moisture-resitant
  • Non-combustible board with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
  • Surface light grey, similar to RAL 7035

Dimension drawing

zeichnung en90u 1afb auszugzeichnung en90u 2afs auszugzeichnung en90u 1afs auszug

Catalogue excerpt
Text for tender PRIOCAB Typ90 Under-table safety cabinets pull-out
Operating instructions PRIOCAB Typ90 - pull-out
Installation instructions Recirculated air attachment EBEL:VENT-EN-U

EBEL VENT EN U produktbildEBEL:VENT-EN-U Recirculated air attachment

  • Doors and entire body in alternative RAL colours / surfaces, on request
  • Fine (pre)filter for EBEL:VENT-EN-U (replacement)
  • Replacement active charcoal filter for EBEL:VENT-EN-U
  • Connection adaptor for EBEL:VENT-EN-U for connections d = 100 mm; consisting of: reducer 75/100, hose clips, aluminium flexible hose d = 100 mm, valve sleeve, installation manual