Door lever in stainless steel
Door lever in stainless steel


Fire Resistant Filing/Document Cabinets

Secure storage of files and documents

ECB-S certification (double-leaf cabinet)


  • Geprüft entsprechend deutscher Industrienorm
  • Die ECB•S Zertifizierung für physikalische Sicherheit
  • Geprüft entsprechend harmonisierter europäischer Norm
  • PRIORIT Standard Dekoroberflächen sind unempfindlich gegen alle im Haushalt üblichen Reinigungsmittel
  • PRIORIT Bauteile schützen hitzeempfindliche Papierdokumente. Maximale Temperaturerhöhung 150 K. Die Klassifizierung LFS 30P erfolgt nach DIN EN 15659.
  • PRIORIT Bauteile und Verbundstoffe sind inklusive Oberfläche geprüft und klassifiziert nach EN 13501-1: nichtbrennbarer Baustoff der Klasse A2 – s1, d0
  • PRIORIT Bauteile verfügen über eine elastische Rauchschutzdichtung und über eine im Brandfall selbstaufschäumende Brandschutzdichtung


Fire protection cabinet for secure file and document storage. The ECB-S certification guarantees quality and safety of the cabinets according to the European standard EN 15659. The cabinet is also suitable for installation in escape and rescue routes because it consists of non-combustible materials.

Adjustable shelves

Vertical filing drawer


  • LFS 60P classification
  • ECB•S certified double-leaf cabinet
  • Smoke protection
  • Suitability for secure storage of records


  • Body and doors made of solid material, inside and outside with decorative surface
  • Optional single-leaf or double-leaf design
  • 6-point support for each door leaf
  • Door closes flush with body, opening angle ca. 180°
  • Automatic locking of non-active leaf if active leaf is closed
  • Locking system with triple latch lock, profile semi-cylinder
  • Smoke and fire seals, automatically expand in case of fire
  • Vertically adjustable shelves in 32 mm grid
  • Protection against external impacts from dust and dirt

Double-leaf filing and document cabinet PRIODOC 90

Material quality PRIODEK H

Material characteristic

  • Non-combustible board with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
  • Standard surface CP laminate
  • Colour light grey, similar to RAL 7035, with ABS edges

Dimension drawing

Detailzeichnung PRIODOC90

Detailzeichnung PRIODOC90 zweifluegelig

Catalogue excerpt
Text for tender PRIODOC 90
Bedienungsanleitung PRIODOC 90

varianten priodoc90 as91

1-door filing and document cabinet

Left: AS91:196-057-FBO-HRA (3 Shelves, 2 Vertical filing drawers)
Right: AS91:196-057-S (4 Shelves)

varianten priodoc as92

2-door filing and document cabinet

Left: AS92:196-106-FBO-HRA (3 Shelves, 2 Vertical filing drawers)
Right: AS92:196-106-S (4 Shelves)

  • Additional shelves
  • Vertical filing drawer including drawer guides
  • Door closer with door check strap (When installing a door closing mechanism, the usable interior height is reduced by approx. 100 mm.)