Cable entry IP 65
Cable cooling attachment (required for cable entry from above)
Cable entry IP 65
Cable cooling attachment (required for cable entry from above)


Tunnel Electro Fixed Housing

Empty housing for electrical installations

Suitable for road tunnels


  • Geprüft entsprechend deutscher Industrienorm
  • PRIORIT Bauteile sind druck- und sogstabil bis 1000 Pa
  • Geprüft entsprechend harmonisierter europäischer Norm
  • PRIORIT Bauteile für Verkehrstunnel entsprechen den gesetzlichen und technischen Anforderungen
  • Baustoffe/Bauteile und/oder Bauarten mit allgemeinem bauaufsichtlichem Prüfzeugnis (abP) oder allgemeiner bauaufsichtlicher Zulassung (abZ) . Die Herstellung der Produkte wird bauaufsichtlich überwacht.
  • PRIORIT Bauteile verfügen über standardisierte, sichere Schließsysteme
  • PRIORIT Produkte sind geeignet zur Herstellung einer Feuerwiderstandsfähigkeit von 90 Minuten
  • PRIORIT Bauteile und Verbundstoffe sind inklusive Oberfläche geprüft und klassifiziert nach EN 13501-1: nichtbrennbarer Baustoff der Klasse A2 – s1, d0


Fire-resistant distributor housing as empty case for the maintenance of performance function of electrical installations over 90 minutes. Special design for use in road tunnels according to DIN 4102, Directive 2004/54/EG, RABT, ZTV-ING Part 5.

Safety principle - Fire-resistant electrical distributor in sealed tunnel recesses


  • Fire resistance 90 minutes: fire-resistant
  • Classification: Suitable for the maintenance of performance of electrical installations up to 90 minutes.
  • Smoke protection
  • Safety class II
  • Protection rating in accordance with IP 65
  • Stable against pressure / suction up to 1000 Pa


  • Empty case for on-site assembly (e.g. in emergency call booths)
  • Prepared for the installation of standard sized panels and mounting plates
  • Single-leaf design up to a width of 800 mm
  • Doors with stainless steel bands 1.4571
  • Turning lever in stainless steel 1.4571, prepared for profile single cylinder
  • Fire barrier with fire, smoke and dust proof seals
  • Optionally integrated F 90 separating strip to separate the general/safety related power supply network for fire protection purposes
  • Tilt resistant. Fastening in tunnel through mounting brackets at the top side of the housing
  • Cable entry through cable cooling atachment and cable compartment with threaded cable connector
  • Connection points for on-site equipotential bonding
  • External cable cooling compartment 300 mm for top cable entry
  • Integrated mounting plate for the individual mounting of electrical fixtures

Stainless steel bands

Material quality PRIODEK H

Material characteristic

  • Non-combustible board with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
  • Outside surface in stainless steel 1.4571 – material characteristic according to ZTV-ING Part 5, requirement class II
  • Inside surface synthetic-coated
  • Door hinges in stainless steel 1.4571
  • Turning lever in stainless steel 1.4571

Dimension drawing

zeichnung prioelec es tun

Scope of delivery

  • Empty case
  • Two-way key bit element
  • Cable entry
  • Mounting plate
Catalogue excerpt
Text for tender PRIOELEC ES TUN

ausfuehrung ohne trennsteg prioelec es tun
Tunnel electro fixed housing TUES without separating strip

ausfuehrung mit trennsteg prioelec es tun
Tunnel electro fixed housing TUES with separating strip, (complies with MLAR requirements)

  • Special sizes, custom-made products, double-door versions on request
  • Lifting device for easy mounting on request
  • Top cable cooling compartment