Self-closing door(s)
Edge guard in stainless steel
Fire resistant cable bulkhead, rectangular
Feuerbeständiges Kabel- und Rohrschott, rund
Self-closing door(s)
Edge guard in stainless steel
Fire resistant cable bulkhead, rectangular
Feuerbeständiges Kabel- und Rohrschott, rund


Fire resistant room, individual

"Room-in-Room" solution

Individually designable, thanks to modular components

Quick and simple construction

  • Construction materials/elements and/or types with national building control test certificate (abP) or national technical approval (NTA). Production of the products is monitored by the building control authority.
  • Tested according to the harmonised European standard
  • Tested according to German standard
  • PRIORIT standard decorative surfaces are resistant to all common household cleaners
  • PRIORIT construction products have standardized locking systems
  • PRIORIT products are suitable for establishing a fire resistance of 90 minutes
  • PRIORIT components and composites, including surfaces, have been tested and classified according to EN 13501-1: non-combustible building material the class A2 – s1, d0
  • PRIORIT construction products have a elastic smoke seal and a fire protection seal that automatically expands in the event of a fire


Fire-resistant and individually designable room, consisting of 42 mm thick prefabricated, non-combustible individual components wall, ceiling, fire protection closure („System42“) as well as bulkheads and ventilation elements.

The room (consisting of walls and ceilings of fire resistance duration F90 and T90 doors) offers a fire resistance of 90 minutes and can be constructed as a room formation in a quick and clean construction method, taking into account the existing building structure and connection to structural conditions.

Schematic illustration, example application


  • Fire resistance 90 minutes, fire resistant
  • Walls: F 90/EI 90 classification
  • Ceiling: F 90/EI 90 a↔b
  • T 90-RS Classification of door(s)
  • Door(s) smoke-tight, continuous function tested
  • Optional fire resistant cable bulkhead - classification S90
  • Optional fire-resistant cable/pipe bulkhead
  • Optional supply/exhaust air system NW 100 mm - classification K90


  • Individual room with high mechanical resistance
  • Fire protection through the creation of a separate fire compartment
  • Break-in door, self-closing
  • Door can be unhinged, lever handle set in stainless steel
  • Door(s) with 3D stainless steel hinges and 3-way locking, prepared for profile half cylinders
  • Doors with all-round fire and smoke protection seals

Material PRIODEK H

Material characteristic

  • Non-combustible board with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
  • Standard CPL surface
  • Colour light grey, similar to RAL 7035, edges and bevels in different colour

Dimension drawing

zeichnung 3d prioroom fri

Catalogue excerpt
Text for tender PRIOROOM FRI - 90 minutes
  • Standard colours - white, similar to RAL 9016, decor brushed aluminium, primer foil
  • Special decors, special colours
  • Panic lock
  • Cable and pipe bulkheads, rectangular or round
  • Ventilation module