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Catalogue "Structural Fire Protection in Buildings"

The fire protection catalogue! The reference book for structural fire protection! Structural fire protection solutions for new and existing buildings in structural engineering.

Catalogue "Hazardous Material Storage"

Product solutions for the storage of hazardous materials and for the storage of batteries in industrial areas.

Catalogue "Structural Fire Protection in Tunnelling"

Product solutions for structural fire protection in tunnel construction.

Catalogue "Physical IT and Data Protection"

Product solutions for physical IT and data protection. From the high-security data center to the IT security rack.


Safe storage of lithium batteries

Smoke dampers for smoke protection pressure systems

Secure monitor housings

Inspection opening closure PRIODOOR RTX

Product solutions for industrial construction

Product solutions for skyscrapers

Product solutions for hotels

Product solutions for hospitals

Product solutions for administrative buildings

Product solutions for research facilities

Door opening aid for tunnel doors

Mobile high-security room cell