The biggest closures are produced by PRIORIT

PRIODOOR ETX RDA, plastered surface, flush installation

Exit closures

PRIORIT exit closure PRIODOOR ETX RDA has passed the fire test for smoke protection dampers in accordance with DIN EN 1366-10. Thus smoke protection pressure systems can now be designed with almost any exit surface area size without disturbing the overall appearance of corridors and galleries. For all PRIODOOR ETX RDA exit closures are manufactured with decorative surfaces from material classified as non-combustible. In case of fire they automatically open into the discharge ventilation shaft.

The new feature of the PRIORIT smoke exit closures are the big exit surface areas, which can be very cost-effectively and appealingly integrated into buildings. Thanks to the flush construction even nearly invisible exit closures can be successfully implemented.

Door fitting and chain drive
Circumferential fire and smoke seals
Surfaces in wood, décor and metal

The exit closures are suitable for smoke protection pressure systems according to DIN EN 12101 as they are used in internal safety stairwells. During regular operation, the covers are closed flush in the block frame and ensure a tight seal. Only in case of fire and exhaust opening opens on the floor with the fire for discharging hazardous fire gases. It is operated by a smoke protection pressure system. The installation minimizes the spread of smoke in areas and floors with fire and increases the safety in the building.

Smoke control dampers for use in pressure differential type smoke control systems

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