Smoke damper

For closing openings in discharge shafts

Smoke control of safety stairwells

Opens automatically in case of fire


Large-size, single-vent, fire resistant, specially designed for installation in RDA outlet ducts (RDA = Smoke protection pressure systems). The aim of the application is to keep safety staircases smoke-free. When a fire occurs, the exhaust damper is automatically opened by the control unit of the RDA supplied by the customer. Large-size cross sections offer a free unhindered outlet surface area for combustion gases. The closure is smoke-proof and offers fire resistance for up to 90 minutes.

Installation example smoke damper PRIODOOR ETX RDA in a solid wall


  • Tested as a smoke damper
  • Fire resistance 90 minutes
  • Classification EI 90 (Ved – i ↔o) S500C10000 AAmulti
  • Smoke protection
  • Tight seal
  • Pressure / suction stable up to 500 Pa
  • Sound reduction index depending on size up to 36 dB


  • Single panel shaft closing with high mechanical durability
  • Flush-fitting assembly in solid shaft walls with assembly frames
  • Flush-fitting assembly in wall system PRIOWALL
  • Free large format flow surface
  • External construction height from 1150 mm to 2500 mm, depending on wall systems
  • External construction width from 500 mm to 1,000 mm
  • Folded block frame: three sided 64 mm, locking side 139 mm
  • All round smoke and fire protection seals, automatically foams in the event of fire
  • High-quality stainless steel bands

When installed in a solid wall ≥ 110 mm thick, it is possible to retrofit the door leaf with a cladding of up to 11 kg/m² made of non-combustible material.

Subsequent, on-site painting of the smoke damper on the outside is possible.


Material characteristic

  • Non-combustible board with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
  • Standard CPL surface
  • Standard colour light grey – similar to RAL 7035, coloured edges and chamfers

Dimension drawing

Scope of delivery

  • Smoke damper
  • Assembly frame
  • Chain drive with connector cable (3.00 m)
  • Attachment material

Assembly details

Schematic diagrams, without scale, dimensions in mm


  • Opened and closed by chain drive
  • System voltage 24 V DC
  • Power consumption 40 mA, max. 1 A in cut-out torque
  • With integrated adjustable limit switch; standard: „End position“ open
  • Lock with power cut-off
  • Chain drive adjusted by software
  • Connector cable chain drive 6-pole, 3.00 m (2 conductors each for drive, limit and programming)
File name
Catalogue excerpt PRIODOOR ETX RDA .pdf
Text for tender PRIODOOR ETX RDA .pdf

Assembly manual PRIODOOR ETX RDA .pdf

Brochure “Smoke dampers” .pdf

Commissioning set – For functional testing and adjustment of the driving on site; consisting of: connection box with 24V power supply, programming set