Maintenance of Performance of Electric Security Systems

Structural Fire Protection in Buildings

Maintenance of performance of electrical security systems

Electrical wiring systems for safety-related systems and equipment must be designed so that they are protected against external fire and remain functional for a certain period of time in the event of a fire.
Both cables as well as distribution boards are components of electrical wiring systems. To achieve this end, fire protection housings and such are used to protect distribution boards from external fire.

Rescue routes must be designed as a safe escape tunnel so that a building can be exited safely and evacuation is possible. This means: Escape routes must be kept free of fire and smoke for a certain period of time and additional fire must not be sparked by combustible material such as fire loads of electrical installations.

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Fire protection housings

An overview of our fire protection housings
for function maintenance

Schema Kompakte Funktionseinheit

Functional units

Our functional units for function
maintenance at a glance


Terminal boxes

Our electrical terminal boxes with and
without equipment at a glance

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