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Structural Fire Protection in Buildings

Structural fire protection is to prevent fire or the spread of fire. The primary objective is the protection of persons. Securing escape and rescue routes is the focus of all structural measures. These must prevent the spread of fire and smoke and keep important power facilities operational. To this end, PRIORIT develops and manufactures fire-resistant building regulations compliant components.

Structural Fire Protection in Tunnelling

Road traffic tunnels are subject to increased requirements. Because the oxygenation system in the tunnel tube acts like a chimney in case of fire: it results in very high temperatures extremely fast. In a multi-year research project funded by federal funding, PRIORIT developed and examined walls, ceilings, doors, cable and pipe bulkheads according to specifications of RABT and ZTV-ING.

Hazardous Material Storage

The storage of combustible liquids must meet three basic requirements: first, minimising the risk of a fire and protecting the contents of cabinets in case of a fire, secondly, minimizing vapours emitted and thirdly, the containment of possible leakage inside of cabinets. To this end, PRIORIT develops and manufactures the appropriate fire protection cabinets.

Physical IT and Data Protection

IT systems maintained by companies for data processing, Internet and communications have become an essential component for business and production processes. They therefore require special protection: even and especially in case of fire. PRIORIT solutions ensure the maintenance of performance of IT systems in case of fire and thus the safe operation of IT-based business processes.

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