Hazardous Material Storage

Three fundamental requirements exist for the storage of flammable liquids: firstly, minimisation of the fire risk and protection of the contents of cabinets in case of fire, secondly, the minimisation of the fumes emitted and thirdly the retention of possible leaks within the cabinets. PRIORIT develops and produces appropriate safety cabinets for this.

Safety Cabinets

Different types

The single and two-leaf safety cabinets of the PRIOCAB safety cabinets of PRIORIT, for example, can be reached under by simple pallet trucks and fork-lift trucks and moved through two metre high room doors. The Type 90 safety cabinets have smooth and easy free-running doors, which remain open in each position and close automatically in case of fire.

Boxes & rooms

For drums and IBCs

Fire-protected storage plays an important role in hazardous material storage. Legislation requires for certain materials to be stored in fire resistant, separated areas.

Boxes, containers and storage rooms provide diverse options for hazardous material storage. Depending on the requirement and need, these can be equipped for different container types and sizes.

File/Document storage

Different types

In each company there are files and documents, which must be kept locked away and secured. The need for storage results from the statutory periods for the retention of business documents which are listed, for example, in the German Commercial Code.

The duty to retain is part of the tax and commercial accounting obligation and the duty to keep records. Consequently, the person who is required under tax or commercial law to keep account ledgers and records, is also obliged to retain them.

In addition, it is advisable for documents of the personnel department or research and development documents to be kept secure and protected.

Fire protection during storage of lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are highly efficient energy storage media that are ideal for a wide range of applications. Considering the burgeoning demand for energy, storing energy has an especially important role to play. That means that the need for high-performance batteries will continue to increase.

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