Fire protection in the hotel sector

Product solutions for structural fire protection in hotels & accommodations

Product solutions for structural fire protection in new and existing buildings

Hotel planners and operators worldwide bear a high level of responsibility for the safety of their hotel guests. Fire protection is particularly important: if a fire occurs, it may place a large number of hotel guests in mortal danger.

To avoid these risks, the fire protection used must meet the following targets:

  • Limiting the danger that a fire will break out
  • Preventing fire and smoke from spreading
  • Allowing all persons to leave the hotel safely
  • Allowing rescue personnel to intervene

To effectively meet all of these protective goals in the long-term, there are a large number of regulations that must be fulfilled in Germany:

  • MLAR – Model pipe installation directive
  • MBeVO – Model lodging regulation
  • Muster – Verordnung über den Bau und Betrieb von Beherbergungsstätten (Model regulation on the construction and operation of lodgings)
  • Brandschutzkonzept für Hotel- und Beherbergungsbetriebe; Richtlinien für die Planung und den Betrieb (Fire protection concept for hotel and lodging operations; guidelines for planning and operation). VdS 2082 : 2003-02
  • Recommendation of the council of 22 December 1986 on fire protection in existing hotels 86/666/EWG
  • National building regulations and administrative specifications
  • Occupational protection laws
  • Guidelines for hold-open devices

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Protected areas in hotel buildings

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