Fire protection during storage of lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are highly efficient energy storage media that are ideal for a wide range of applications. Considering the burgeoning demand for energy, storing energy has an especially important role to play. That means that the need for high-performance batteries will continue to increase.

The benefits of lithium batteries

  • They have a high level of cell voltage
  • There is no memory-effect with secondary batteries (they are rechargeable where primary batteries are not)
  • Low level of self-discharge

These properties are making lithium batteries increasingly popular in many areas of everyday-life and industry. With the breath-taking increase in lithium battery applications, manufacturers, installers and users also have to increasingly come to terms with safety. For instance, technical defects or incorrect handling of these batteries when storing, charging or operating them can cause the energy stored to be discharged in an uncontrolled fashion, which often causes fires.

The advantages of Li-batteries in terms of flexible application possibilities and high performance also entail an increased fire risk.

„It is advisable to treat lithium batteries as a hazardous material during manufacture, production, storage and transport“.

Companies must take this increased fire risk into account when storing batteries or actively operating battery storage facilities.

The insurance company FM Global as well as the German Insurance Association are sending reminders:

„…special precautions are necessary for the storage of Li-ion batteries!“

„From the property insurer’s view, lithium batteries must potentially be classified as a hazard …“

Causes of fires lithium batteries

Overheating when charging

Using the wrong chargers or overcharging

Deep discharge

Mechanical damage

High ambient temperature

Applications of lithium batteries

For electric bikes or e-scooters

For garden tools e.g. lawn robots

For consumer electronics e.g.: laptop batteries

For power tools