Quality + Certifications

Quality + Certifications

When it comes to fire protection you want to rely on hand and seal!

That’s how PRIORIT works. Independent organizations vouch with their name and seal for fire protection solutions:

Qualität und Zertifizierung


Since the beginning of this year, PRIORIT AG, a manufacturer of fire-resistant components for structural fire protection, has been issuing the LEED and DGNB certification for 15 of its products and product groups.


Technical Inspection Agencies (TÜV) awarded certificates if production and organizational processes comply with the standards of the International Standard Organization ISO 9001.

CE mark

Warranty on the compliance with European legislation on safety, health protection and environmental protection

Tested for Safety

Warranty of international and German safety standards e.g. according to the Equipment and Product Safety Act


Test procedures and technical standards published by the Deutsche Institut für Normung (DIN) often become law as “established technical rules”.

European Standard

EN standards (EN) are created by public standardization processes, which are ratified by one of the three possible European standardization committees. EN standards are reviewed every five years.

Declaration of Compliance

Building materials/construction products and/or designs are backed by test certificates/approvals or expert opinions. The manufacture of products is monitored by building authorities.

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