Fire protection in industrial buildings

Fires frequently lead to serious personal injuries and damage to property. According to the insurance industry, in Germany, the damage caused by fire runs into billions.
Apart from the material damage caused by a fire, in industrial companies, lengthy downtimes frequently cause consequential damage that is not to be underestimated, such as loss of market shares or the departure of qualified employees.

The economic success of companies depends, among other things, on ensuring damage-free operation. The risk of fire in the company can be countered effectively through preventive fire protection measures.

The causes of fires range from technical defects in electrical installations, to human error, overheating through to arson. Statistics show that roughly one in three fires are caused by “electricity”. With approx. 33%, this accounts for the largest share in the statistics.

For industrial companies, apart from the most important objective of protecting persons, topics such as securing production, protection of material assets, environmental protection and protection against unauthorised access are high priority protection objectives. Apart from building regulations, other requirements take effect, for example, from the industrial construction guidelines or the VdS guidelines on loss prevention in industrial and commercial undertakings.

It is therefore advisable for industrial companies to take structural measures extending beyond the building code legal provisions, in order to provide fire resistant separation of areas with increased fire risk or with particular importance for maintaining protection.

Protective areas in industrial buildings

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