Fire protection & design

We develop and manufacture fire protection solutions for new and existing buildings.

The development of PRIODEK H combines the positive non-combustibility characteristics of a mineral fibre panel with the processing and design possibilities of an MDF panel.

Based on building materials classified as non-combustible, PRIORIT manufactures fire-resistant components with decorative surfaces, offering the capability to harmonize safety and design aspects.

PRIODEK H is ideally suited for architectural design in buildings that require the use of non-combustible building materials, as well as to manufacture classified components for preventative structural fire protection with elevated visual and mechanical demands.

Example applications for fire protection & design

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Almost invisible fire protection solution

Large-format smoke dampers installed so as to be almost completely hidden

Applying plaster on site makes the fire protection solution almost invisible. This creates a uniform surface over the wall and smoke damper, which combines with the narrow gap width to integrate the technical product unobtrusively into the building design. Both the version with priming film and the one with a decorative surface can be seamlessly plastered with the shaft wall.

PRIODEK H – Surfaces

Decors, veneers and individual surfaces


Create design highlights!

Priorit decorative surfaces combine great design with outstanding safety. A wide variety of surfaces are available to choose from for different facilities and surfaces.


High-quality elegance!

The PRIODEK H veneer adds high-quality elegance to preventative fire protection technology.

PRIODEK H is available in softwood, hardwood and high-grade wood veneered surfaces.

Let’s get colourful

Adapt the fire protection you need to your design needs.

With PRIODEK H Paint, you can tap into almost unlimited options for your colour scheme.

The PRIODEK H Paint surface is classified A2-s1,d0, incl. primer film. This can be painted or coated on site.

That means all of our products – no matter their size – from cabinets to an entire wall – can be adapted to their structural conditions and matched to your colour scheme.


Brochure “Fire protection with system”

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