Fire protection and historical preservation

During a renovation, fire protection measures must often be updated to conform with current state of the art technology.

However, modern structural fire protection and historical preservation requirements can be difficult to reconcile. Their goals are too different. Careful design and technical planning are essential to fulfil statutory requirements for comprehensive personnel protection, while meeting requirements designed to preserve historically important buildings.

Frequently, planners and architectures cannot find the products and solutions they need to combine protection with design and usability. In contrast to planning a new building, in many projects it can be difficult to retrofit fire protection technology in historically important buildings. Existing supply facilities, new distributors, and new personnel protection concepts in escape and rescue routes make this work anything but easy.

Custom solutions are standard for PRIORIT

Projects that would be complex special designs for other providers are nothing unusual for PRIORIT – they are our standard. Since the company was founded in Hanau in 2000, it has developed into a major player in the industry with over 160 employees and stands for innovative structural fire protection solutions.

Example project

Paderborn Cathedral

An extensive range of technological components, including a main distributor, PA system, and central fire alarm system, as well as a small storage area needed to be housed in the entryway area to the sacristy anteroom, while still remaining easily accessible.

The original existing historical elements like doors and floors needed to be preserved. At the same time, the fire hazards posed by the electrical systems needed to be separated in order to fulfil building code regulations.

A variety of components from the modular fire protection system 42 were used, combined with drywall construction.

All of the elements had a tested fire-resistance rating of over 30 min. and were produced with a decorative surface in special colour Cashmere 702.


Broschüre “Brandschutz & Denkmalschutz”

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