Great, if fire protection is simply there

PRIORIT implements fire protection in practice. From measuring to installation. Because PRIORIT systems are custom made, there is often no construction waste at the site – as simple as that.

The installation of PRIORIT systems are optionally by PRIORIT or by PRIORIT system partners that are distributed across Germany.

Further information on Priorit system partners

Assembly and operating instructions

Our installation and operating instructions are available in a modern, environmentally friendly and always up-to-date digital format.

You can find them on our homepage (even before installation, e.g. for preparation) and on the type plate and product packaging as a QR code and short URL.

Mounting accessories

Case with non-combustible underlay material

consisting of:

  • Case
  • Superglue
  • Shims sorted by thickness:
    • 2 mm (70 pcs.)
    • 3 mm (45 pcs.)
    • 4 mm (75 pcs.)
    • 5 mm (59 pcs.)
    • 6 mm (43 pcs.)

Art. no.: UK-K-

Further underlay material (individual sets etc.) can be found in the data sheet.