Sustainability strategy

Environmental, social and corporate responsibility, also known as Environmental Social Governance (ESG), is a fundamental element of our business.

We stand up for these values and want to make our contribution towards a sustainable and just society. To live up to this responsibility, we at PRIORIT incorporate ESG considerations into all our decision-making processes, both for internal and supply chain related business decisions.


Our sustainability strategy

Only those who stand for values and perceive their entrepreneurship with all its social and environmental dimensions can create sustainable value.

We see it as our duty to contribute towards minimising negative impacts on the environment, to bear social responsibility and to lead the company sustainably into the future in accordance with our overall social responsibility.

Therefore, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is an essential part of PRIORIT’s strategy and business model.
ESG stands for sustainable corporate management that is aware of its responsibility

  • for the environment,
  • for its employees and
  • for society.

PRIORIT has conducted an ESG materiality analysis and identified the most important ESG factors in the course of strategy development. These are divided into three pillars: environment, social and governance. These factors are our levers to optimise our sustainability in the medium and long term.

In doing so, we take into account a wide range of stakeholders. We are in active contact and regular dialogue with all groups to identify further relevant topics for our company and to further develop our sustainability strategy.
To ensure this, Ulf Kaspar has been appointed ESG Officer and is constantly updating our strategy and goals. Furthermore, as a member of PRIORIT’s Executive Board, Ulf Kaspar is excellently networked and positioned to give this core element of the company the importance it deserves.

  • Environmental


    – Resource use
    – Supply chains
    – Energy consumption
    – Environmentally-friendly mobility

  • Social


    – Employer attractiveness
    – Occupational health and safety
    – Product safety/quality

  • Governance


    – Compliance
    – Data protection &
    Quality management
    – Stakeholder dialog

Green building declaration:

PRIORIT products with a declaration allow you to target your projects specifically for green building certification, starting with the building materials used.

Detailed information on our products is available at:


Brochure “Sustainability Strategy”

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