Structural Fire Protection in Buildings

functional units

In case electrical distributors are to be modified with components in order to ensure the functional integrity, the MLAR (Muster-Leitungsanlagen- Richtlinie – MLAR) contains requirements regarding the verification:

According to 5.2.2c, distribution boards for electrical wiring systems with functional integrity according to Section 5.3 must be surrounded by components (including their terminations) which have a fire resistance corresponding to the required duration of functional integrity and – with the exception of the terminations – consist of non-combustible building materials, whereby it must be ensured that the function of the electrotechnical components of the distribution board is guaranteed for the duration of functional integrity in the event of fire. The proof of the functional integrity of the electrotechnical components must be documented.

This means that it must be ensured in each individual case that the function of the electrical installations is guaranteed for the necessary duration of the functional integrity in the event of fire.