One-piece frame

Reduction to the essentials

PRIORIT is presenting a product version with a one-piece frame, taking another step towards a minimalist visual design

With the development of the new, one-piece frame, inspection covers for installation shafts with a fire resistance over 30 or 90 minutes can now be designed with a one-piece frame just 43 mm thick, without joints. In combination with low-profile stainless steel hinges and a sophisticated, recessed profile half cylinder which is almost flush with the surface, it can be used to create a product design reduced to only the essential elements. Inspection covers created with a one-piece frame stand out both for their minimalist design and for the many different surface configurations they offer. The selection ranges from plain colors to decorative options and material reproductions, or even veneers.

Inspection covers in designs with a one-piece frame can be installed discreetly and flush in many different types of walls, to create a uniform appearance of the wall, frame, and leaf. This makes it possible to create a consistent decorative design, in particular in combination with PRIOWALL.