Planing aid: Harzardous materials in storage rooms

For storage of hazardous materials (flammable liquids) special protection measures and regulations are to be adhered to.
PRIORIT storage areas for flammable liquids may be installed in existing rooms in compliance with statutory requirements.

Storage rooms

Storage areas are fully enclosed spaces above or below ground level that may be built with windows and doors for ventilation and driving and may be used to store flammable liquids. Storage rooms may also be portable such as safety containers.
Rooms for the exclusive storage of inflammable fluids of hazard class A III in quantities of up to 5,000 l and rooms according to Number 3.1.1 Table 1 are not storage rooms in the meaning of TRbF 20 (April 2001).

Fire protection

PRIORIT storage rooms may be installed within and outside of buildings. Various fire protection requirements are met on a project-for-project basis.
Walls, ceilings and doors of inside storage rooms must be constructed of non-combustible materials with a minimum fire resistance of 30 minutes, EI 30.