Tunnel Electro Terminal Box without Equipment

Two-layer housing

Installation of electrical connecting elements

Specially manufactured for road tunnels


Terminal box as empty case for the installation of electric connections and safety fuses. This double-ply casing is designed specifically to guarantee the maintenance of performance function of safety-relevant electrical systems in road tunnels according to RABT and for the star-shaped wiring, connection and fusing electrical installations required for the maintenance of performance. Design according to DIN 4102, Directive 2004/54/EG, RABT, ZTV-ING Part 5.

Tunnel Electro Terminal Box, PRIOELEC EK TUN, open

Cable glands


  • Fire resistance 90 minutes: fire-resistant
  • Classification: Suitable for the maintenance of performance of electrical installations up to 90 minutes.
  • Fire chamber test, according to EN 1363-1
  • Safety class II
  • Protection rating in accordance with IP 65
  • Stable against pressure / suction up to 1000 Pa


Construction of inner casing

  • Fixed to outer casing by 4 bolted connections
  • Cover with recessed grip and bolted down with self-locking nuts
  • Mounting of installations via pre-drilled holes in grid dimension
  • Cable entry from two opposite sides
  • Cable compartments automatically expand in the event of a fire

Construction of outer casing

  • Stainless steel casing 1.4571 for mounting to a solid wall or solid ceiling
  • Fastening to outside mounting brackets via four enclosed anchor bolts made of stainless steel 1.4529
  • Casing cover easy to remove, eightfold bolting
  • Cable entry on 2 sides via plastic M-screw-connections according to ZTV-ING Part 5 and RABT

Inner and outer casing


Material characteristic

Material characteristic inner casing

  • Non-combustible board with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
  • Building material has a mechanical strength and stability
  • Metal parts made of stainless steel 1.4571

Material characteristic outer casing

  • Metal casing made of stainless steel 1.4571
  • Cable tie mount made of stainless steel 1.4529
  • Cable entries made of plastic according to ZTV-ING Part 5 and RABT

Dimension drawing

Scope of delivery

  • Stainless steel casing including inner casing
  • Mounting hardware for wall mounting and ceiling suspension
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