Storage container for safe storage of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

Fire resistant storage container

Storage of defective or damaged batteries


Storage containers for the storage of defective or damaged batteries with increased fire risk and for minimising the toxic fumes associated with a thermal runaway.

The storage container is lined with a non-combustible thermal insulation material and has a fire resistance of 90 minutes. Additional filling and insulating material, which can absorb leaking electrolytes, completely encloses the Li-Ion batteries to be stored.

This means that even with a thermal runaway – a chemical reaction with extreme heat development – the danger of fire spreading is prevented and the generation of toxic gases is minimised.


  • Fire resistant storage container


  • Storage containers made of plastic
  • Closure by means of hinged cover and snap lock
  • Tight-closing cover
  • Tight closure, including in case of fire – no lifting up of the cover
  • Lined with a nonflammable thermal insulation material
  • Colour grey
File name
Datasheet PRIOPACK .pdf
Operating instructions PRIOPACK .pdf
  • Filler packs must be ordered separately.
    Recommended quantity depending on the size of the batteries:
    PP.040.030.023.VV: 2 to 3 packs per box
    PP.060.040.023.VV: 4 to 5 packs per box
    (one pack = 8 pieces)