Individually designable room for storage of lithium-ion batteries

Storage of large quantities of lithium-ion batteries

Individually designable room made of non-combustible individual components

“Room-in-room” solution


Fire-resistant space for the safe storage of lithium-ion batteries. The 42 mm modular system of prefabricated panels allows a separated fire compartment to be created in a quick and clean construction method. The advantages: highly chemically resistant surfaces inside and out, easy assembly, conversion and extension. The room always has threshold-free access and can be equipped with heavy-duty shelving. The room offers a fire resistance of 90 min.

Handle set in stainless steel


  • Fire resistance rating 90 minutes, fire resistant
  • Walls: EI 90 classification
  • Ceiling: F 90/EI 90 a↔b
  • T 90-RS classification of the door(s)
  • Door(s) smoke-tight, tested for resistance to repeated opening and closing


  • Room with high mechanical resistance
  • Accessible entry
  • One or two-leaf door(s)
  • Door(s) with 3D stainless steel hinges, triple locking, prepared for profile cylinder
  • Room can be equipped on site with light, ventilation technology, smoke detector and shelves or racking
  • Delivery on pallet, installation on site


Material characteristic

  • Non-combustible panel with surface coating, classified A2 – s1, d0
  • Standard surface CPL
  • Standard colour light grey, similar to RAL 7035, dark edges and bevels

Dimension drawing

File name
Datasheet PRIOROOM BAT .pdf


Optionen und Zubehör

Explosionsgeschützter Rauchdetektor

  • Türen oder ganzer Korpus in alternativen RAL-Farben / Oberflächen, auf Anfrage