PRIORIT inspection opening closures

Large scale access for the technical building equipment (TGA)

PRIORIT inspection opening closures leave almost nothing to be desired.

To ensure that buildings can be safely evacuated, they must have safe escape routes in accordance with building regulations. Especially for installation shafts, the Model Guideline for Piping Systems (MLAR) regulates their design, in particular that of the inspection opening closures.

There are three essential requirements for closures of openings in installation shafts:

  • Fire resistance
  • Non-combustibility
  • Tight closure

When selecting and designing closures for installation shafts, you should therefore use components that are specially designed and approved for this purpose, such as the inspection opening closures from PRIORIT.

We offer you a large selection of inspection opening closures for different wall types, in different sizes, single and double-leaf designs, fire resistance 30 or 90 minutes and all this in a large selection of surfaces.

This means that you can guarantee a safe and compliant closure of openings in installation shafts for every application.

For electrical distributors

For pipelines

For air conditioning


Inspection opening closures are closures of inspection openings in fire-resistant installation shafts in the interior of buildings.
In installation shafts, they prevent the passage of fire and smoke through the inspection opening in the event of fire from the inside to the outside. Closures of inspection openings are part of the installation shafts and ducts and must be assessed in connection with them.
Inspection opening closures must, in accordance with the requirements of the MLAR:

  • have a fire resistance of more than 30 or 90 minutes,
  • be made of non-combustible building materials,
  • close tightly all around.

In addition, the following requirements exist in accordance with DIN 4102-11 for installation shafts and closures of their inspection openings:

Closures of their inspection openings:

  • It must only be possible to open inspection opening closures from the outside using a special tool or key (not a door handle) or similar,
  • Closures of accessible inspection openings shall be easy to open from the inside, e.g. with a door handle.
  • During the fire test, inspection opening closures outside the fire compartment must not heat up by more than 140 K on average on the outside and by more than 180 K above the initial temperature at any point.
  • PRIORIT Benefits

    PRIORIT Benefits

    – Lockable as standard with DIN profile cylinder
    – Proof in many wall types
    – Various dimensions, from small to large
    – Unobtrusive, flush installation
    – Variety of designs, from plain colours to elegant surfaces

  • PRIORIT Safety

    PRIORIT Safety

    – Fire resistance over 30 or 90 minutes
    – All-round sealing
    – Non-combustible fire protection panel,
    classified A2 – s1, d0
    – Proof of usability as inspection opening lock
    – Access protection by means of
    PZ locking cylinder/system

The optimal fire protection solution for every building situation

Simply combine your preferred wall type with PRIORIT inspection opening closures to create the best and most economical solution for you for the construction of installation shafts.

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