Wall system

Single-layer, fire-resistant wall system

Installation of System42 elements

Versatile solutions


Single-layer, fire-resistant wall system with various surfaces for the formation of interior partitions for room closures, fire areas, etc. The PRIOWALL wall system consists of coated non-flammable wall panels of 42 mm in thickness, which can be easily and neatly constructed, converted and expanded using various joining technologies.
PRIOWALL is a component of the „System 42“ modular fire protection system and is suited for the installation of PRIORIT system components such as fire-protection closures, inspection opening closures, smoke-extraction flaps, fire dampers and bulkheads or ventilation elements.

Application image PRIOWALL wall system with PRIODOOR ETX access panels


  • 30/90 minutes fire resistance, fire retardant/fire resistant
  • EI 30, EI 90 classification


  • Single-ply, highly stable prefabricated elements
  • Construction possible in I-shape, L-shape and U-shape
  • Planning on a project-by-project basis, manufacturing and installation
  • Overall height up to 4 m, unlimited width
  • Ceiling construction with PRIOCEIL


Material characteristic

  • Non-combustible board with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
  • Standard CPL surface
  • Colour light grey, similar to RAL 7035, edges and bevels in different colour

Dimension drawing


A = Wall height ≤ 4000 mm
B = Existing ceiling / floor
C = Piping installations across floor levels
D = Cable installations across floor levels

System 42 Components

1 = Wall system PRIOWALL
2 = Fire Resisting Closure PRIODOOR FSA
3 = Inspection opening closure PRIODOOR ETX
4 = Single to double-leaf inspection opening closure PRIODOOR RTX
5 = Smoke damper PRIODOOR ETX RDA


6 = Fire protection glasses for inspection closure and door
7 = Cable and pipe bulk head for wall
8 = Ventilation flap for wall
9 = Fire damper

Assembly details

Floor connections

Connections to paneled steel girders/supports

Ceiling connections

Wall connections

Corner connections

File namePDFDOC
Catalogue excerpt .pdf
Text for tender PRIOWALL 30 Minuten .pdf
Text for tender PRIOWALL 90 Minuten .pdf
  • Fire protection glasses for inspection closure and door
  • Cable and pipe bulk head for wall
  • Ventilation flap for wall
  • Fire damper