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Mobile fire enclosure for lithium-ion batteries

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The economic success of companies depends, among other things, on ensuring damage-free operation. The risk of fire in the company can be countered effectively through preventive fire protection measures.
In particular, this also applies to the storage of rechargeable lithium batteries in production or storage areas. Lithium batteries are highly efficient energy storage devices, which are suitable for diverse areas of use, especially in industry. Alongside its many advantages, this technology involves risks.

Technical defects or improper handling during storage, charging and operation can quickly lead to a fire.
Against the background of increasing use of lithium-ion batteries, simple solutions for safe storage are in demand.

Danger always occurs if lithium batteries discharge their stored energy in an uncontrolled way. The resulting, no longer controllable, chain reaction causes an explosive fire. This so-called thermal runaway is difficult to control. It cannot be simply extinguished with water. However, use of large quantities of water is advantageous to lessen the effects and to prevent spreading to other cells.

Damaged or defective lithium batteries must be removed from storage or production areas immediately and stored temporarily at a safe distance or in an area separated by fire resistant construction elements until their disposal.

Extract from “General safety regulations for lithium batteries (VdS 3103: 2019-06)”

How lithium batteries cause fires

Overheating during charging

Incorrect chargers or overcharging

Deep discharge

Mechanical damage

High ambient

Simple – Mobile – Safe

Fire hazard compartmentalization with lithium batteries in four steps

  • Lithium-ion batteries can remain directly on a pallet
  • No time-consuming transferring or re-arranging of the rechargeable batteries/batteries in safety cabinets
  • Damaged batteries can be placed on a pallet and stored safety until they are disposed of.
  • Easy transport of the mobile fireproof enclosure with a forklift track within the storage and production areas
  • Safe lifting by means of lifting eyes and optionally available round slings.
  • No need to move the pallets
  • Easy placement of the mobile fireproof enclosure directly on the existing building floor
  • Precise-fitting popping over a filled pallet, containment tray or cage
  • Standard sizes for euro pallet with dimensions 1200 x 800 mm
  • Placement on the existing building floor
  • Stable under pressure
  • Fire resistant design
  • Can also be popped over as a fire begins


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