Safety Cabinet for the storage of lithium-ion batteries

Double-leaf free-standing cabinet

Individual colour design

Ventilation system in the rear wall


PRIORIT free-standing housing, two-leaf type, suitable for smoke-tight and fire-resistant storage of lithium-ion batteries. The housing is made of noncombustible material, class A2 – s1, d0. The cabinets have a ventilation system in the rear panel and cable entries at the top and bottom as standard features.

Safety cabinet PRIOCAB-Li EI90 BAT with yellow doors, optional

Safety cabinet PRIOCAB-LI EI90 BAT in special colour, optional


  • Fire resistance rating over 90 minutes
  • Tested fire protection from the inside and outside
  • Tested fire load insulation
  • Suitable for the storage of lithium-ion batteries


  • Housing with high mechanical resistance
  • Housing made of noncombustible material including the decorative surface
  • Individual colour design
  • Protection against unauthorised access – pivot lever with two-way cylinder
  • All-round fire protection seal, intumescent in case of fire
  • Top and bottom cable entry
  • Integrated ventilation system, consisting of smoke detector and fan
  • Cold smoke-tight closure system
  • Smooth and easy, free-moving doors, inset type door, opening angle approx. 180°
  • Accessible plinth (e.g. fork-lift forks), height 100mm with removable plinth cover panel
  • Four height-adjustable mesh shelves, load capacity 75 kg/floor


Material characteristic

  • Standard surface CP laminate is chemically highly stable and moisture-resitant
  • Non-combustible board with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
  • Surface light grey, similar to RAL 7035

Dimension drawing

File name
Data sheet PRIOCAB-Li EI90 .pdf
Tender documents safety cabinet PRIOCAB-Li EI90 .pdf.doc
Operating Manual PRIOCAB-Li EI90 .pdf

Design variants

Control unit with fire detection
Fault indication via optical signal and shutdown of the ventilation system.

Fire extinguishing generator
Current-independent triggering in case of fire and inadmissible temperature increase.

Power strip



  • Special decors / special colours
  • Additional mesh shelf with 4 shelf supports, 30 x 1000 x 400 mm (H x W x D)