Smoke extraction damper

For use in smoke protection pressure systems according to EN 12101-8

Smoke-free escape routes

Minimal look – maximum safety

Large-format, single-leaf, fire-resistant smoke damper, specially designed to seal off outflow shafts as part of a smoke pressure system. The goal of using these is to keep safety stairwells free from smoke. In case of a fire, the controller of the on-site smoke pressure system opens the smoke damper automatically. Large cross-sections offer a free, unimpeded outflow area for flue gases. The closure is smoke proof and offers a fire resistance rating of over 90 minutes.

PRIOAIR SD-RDA-V is classified for vertical installation in walls and ducts and thus has the classification vedw (d = duct smoke extraction duct, w = wall, wall – part of the smoke extraction duct) required for installation in shaft walls and offers an outflow area of up to 1.74 m² at pressure stage 2 in the largest dimension.

Smoke damper PRIOAIR SD-RDA-V


  • Performance level according to MVV TB 2023/1: EI90(vedw i<->o)S1000C10000
  • Smoke extraction damper according to EN12101-8
  • Fire resistance 90 minutes EI90
  • Fire from inside, fire from outside
  • Pressure suction – pressure stage 2 1000 Pa
  • Automatic motorised release AA
  • Smoke protection – circumferential fire and smoke protection seals
  • Tight seal

Installation and assembly

  • Vertical, flush installation in solid walls for smoke extraction, also in connection with smoke extraction ducts according to EN 12101-7, tested according to EN 1366-8 or EN 1366-9
  • Flush installation in PRIOWALL and GKF shaft wall
  • Installation in duct / vertical line
  • Raised installation
  • Mounting frame included

Opening and closing

  • Large free outflow area in relation to the installation opening
  • Opening and closing via high-quality chain drive
  • Emergency release
  • Easy unlocking of the cover frame (standard version with screw connection)
  • Large opening angle (75°)
  • Quick opening and closing of the smoke control damper,
  • Speed approx. 10 mm/sec.
  • Opening after approx. 35 seconds
  • Pressure loss coefficients ζ 1.47 (external damper dimensions 1,194 x 794 mm, opening angle 75°)


  • Bolt drive for additional locking (multi-point locking)
  • Opening and closing by chain drive
  • Connection cable chain drive 6-pole, (2 wire pairs each for drive, end positions and programming)
  • System voltage 24 V DC
  • Adjustment of the chain drive via software
  • Automatic reversing in case of overload (reversal of the direction of movement when an obstacle is detected)


Material & Surface

  • Standard surface light grey, similar to RAL 7035, edges and chamfers dark
  • Different surface designs – from décor to primer film, paint
  • Surface can be plastered over/coated according to manufacturer’s instructions


  • No visible bands from the corridor side
  • No visible drive from the corridor side
  • One-piece frame cover without joints
  • Optionally with suspended frame cover (without visible screw connection)


  • Declaration according to DGNB, LEED and BNB
  • Production exclusively “Made in Germany”
  • All tests by renowned test institutes within Germany

Smoke damper PRIOAIR SD-RDA-V – Installation in solid wall

Smoke damper PRIOAIR SD-RDA-V – Installation in solid wall – pushed out assembly

Smoke damper PRIOAIR SD-RDA-V – Installation in plasterboard fire protection panels shaft wall

Smoke damper PRIOAIR SD-RDA-V – Installation in wall system PRIOWALL


  • Single-leaf manhole cover
  • Nominal sizes from 620 x 1050 mm to 1000 x 2500 mm (W x H)
File namePDFDOC
Product broschure PRIOAIR SD-RDA-V.pdf
Data sheet PRIOAIR SD-RDA-V.pdf
Text for tender PRIOAIR SD-RDA-V.pdf.doc
Assembly manual PRIOAIR SD-RDA-V.pdf


  • Special version without visible screws
  • Surface in PRIODEK H paint
  • Signal module – visual and acoustic signal during the closing process


  • Commissioning set (see fig.)
    For functional testing and adjustment of the driving on site; consisting of: connection box with 24V power supply, programming set
  • Plaster profiles in various lengths for installation in plasterboard fire protection panels shaft walls