Fire protection in the bio research centre

Safe enclosure of electrical distribution boards

In a new university building the electrical distribution boards were located in the necessary corridor, which were already clad with a dry construction solution for fire protection.

As the overall new building also had to satisfy design standards, together with our PRIORIT system partner, Merlin Ausbau GmbH, Herrieden, we developed a solution which satisfied the fire protection requirements, the accessibility requirements and the visual requirements. The detailed coordination and installation were carried out by Merlin Ausbau GmbH.

With the new solution, the PRIOWALL wall system with two single-leaf PRIODOOR ETX inspection doors, the architect and client are satisfied from a design point of view. The fire protection requirements were also fulfilled naturally: smoke control, non-combustible and 30 minutes fire resistance.

Project data
Project location:Erlangen
Building:Bio Research Centre; University
Year of Construction:2016
Solution:PRIOWALL wall system with two PRIODOOR ETX inspection opening closures, cable bulkhead
Material:Non-combustible panel with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
Fire resistance:30 Minutes
Protection Target:Fire protection enclosure of the electrical distributors in the escape route
Special features:Wall system with two separate areas, surface in white, inspection doors opened by hinged ring handles

Wall system


Single-layer, fire-resistant wall system with various surfaces for the formation of interior partitions for room closures, fire areas, etc. The PRIOWALL wall system consists of coated non-flammable wall panels of 42 mm in thickness, which can be easily and neatly constructed, converted and expanded using various joining technologies.
PRIOWALL is a component of the „System 42“ modular fire protection system and is suited for the installation of PRIORIT system components such as fire-protection closures, inspection opening closures, smoke-extraction flaps, fire dampers and bulkheads or ventilation elements.

Product details at a glance

  • 30/90 minutes fire resistance, fire retardant/fire resistant
  • EI 30, EI 90 classification
  • Single-ply, highly stable prefabricated elements
  • Construction possible in I-shape, L-shape and U-shape
  • Planning on a project-by-project basis, manufacturing and installation
  • Overall height up to 4 m, unlimited width
  • Installation of various PRIODOOR ETX inspection closures


Referenzbericht “Bio-Forschungszentrum”

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