Smoke-free escape routes due to PRIORIT

The last empty site in the Arnulfpark of Munich’s St. Vinzenz area in the district of Neuhausen-Nymphenburg was closed by the “NOVE by Citterio” Office Palazzo. An architectural highlight of the Milan-based architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners was created on a 7,330 m² plot and with an investment sum of 170 million euros. The total area of the building is 31,000 m², of which almost 27,000 m² are used as office space. The office building has six standard storeys, a 23 metre high, a representative atrium, and a high-rise wing with 9 storeys.

The initial ground-breaking ceremony for this unusual office building took place in the summer of 2014. By the end of 2015, approx. 132,000 tonnes of soil had been moved, and 5,200 tonnes of steel and approx. 70,000 tonnes of concrete had been installed. The façade elements have integrated sun control. The appearance of the façade is unusual and elegant: Gold-bronze aluminium frames around the windows lend the building a three-dimensional structure.

The heart of the office complex is the 700 m² atrium. The generously dimensioned roof terraces on the 6th floor provide an outstanding view as far as the foothills of the Alps. Apparently floating lounge bridges between the different parts of the building are intended to invite the occupants to exchange ideas with their co-workers and serve as a quiet zone.

The internationally award-winning Swiss landscape architect Enzo Enea was commissioned to design the inner courtyards and the external facilities. The “NOVE by Citterio” is designed as a green building and the aim is to achieve LEED Platinum certification.


So-called smoke-extraction shafts were installed in the escape route areas of the “NOVE by Citterio”. In case of fire, these serve to displace harmful smoke gases from the escape route with the help of a pressure-differential type smoke control system (RDA). The openings in the shafts are closed off by smoke control dampers.

The smoke control dampers were also made to match the special design environment: real oak wood veneered surfaces as chosen by the client. Following installation, the smoke control dampers were additionally surrounded with bronze coloured decorative elements on site.

The smoke control dampers produced by PRIORIT AG for this project thus not only fulfil the fire safety requirements (fire resistance 90 minutes, smoke control, non-combustible construction material), but also the particular appearance requirements. They were supplied and installed by the company WEWORE in Essenbach, our certified system partner.

Key project data
Project location:München
Building:NOVE by Citterio, Office building, new build
Year built:2014 – 2017
Solution:22 PRIODOOR ETX RDA smoke control dampers
Material:Non-combustible panel with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
Fire resistance:90 Minutes
Safety objective:Smoke control – to keep necessary staircases and escape routes free from smoke
Special features:Real oak wood veneer surface, additionally surrounded on site with bronze-coloured decorative elements, upper shutter with PRIOWALL wall elements
Architect:Citterio-Viel & Partners

Smoke control damper


The firefighting stairs in the high-rise residential block were equipped with pressure-differential type smoke control systems (RDA) and therefore provide maximum protection for evacuation in case of fire.

PRIORIT supplied and installed 40 smoke control dampers of the type PRIODOOR ETX RDA for the air releases in the individual storeys. The large-format, single-leaf smoke control dampers were especially designed for installation in the air release shafts of pressure-differential type smoke control systems (RDA). In case of fire, the PRIODOOR ETX RDA smoke control damper is opened automatically by the RDA control. Large format cross-sections provide a free, unobstructed air release area for fire and smoke gases. The smoke control damper was given a white decorative surface, similar to RAL 9010, and therefore fits into the interior design of the stairs.

Product details at a glance

  • Test as smoke control damper
  • 90 minute fire resistance
  • Classification up to EI 120 (test result)
  • Smoke control
  • Tightly closing
  • Pressure/suction-stable up to 500 Pa
  • Single-leaf shaft closure with high mechanical resistance
  • Flush installation in solid shaft wall with mounting frame or in PRIOWALL wall system
  • Overall height: external dimension from 1150 mm to 2500 mm, depending on wall type
  • Overall width: external dimension from 500 mm to 1000 mm
  • All-round smoke and fire control seals, automatically intumescent in the event of fire


Reference report “NOVE by Citterio”

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