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Research, fire protection and design

As a traditional company of the German chemical industry, Wacker Chemie AG in Burghausen puts great emphasis on safety and efficiency: Fire protection, occupational safety and environmental protection are key issues when it comes to investment decisions and production. This project describes the extension of an existing research facility to a research complex with PRIORIT fire walls and doors.

The new research complex

The existing buildings must be adapted to the current state of the art in function, safety engineering, fire protection and design. For the new and the old are to be merged into a single unit, forming the new research complex. 35-meter long and six floor high buildings provide space for laboratories, laboratories and even more laboratories. These are the existing buildings. The control of all laboratory media from electrical to gas and water systems are provided at the laboratory entrances. This is safe and practical, because it permits all employees to control critical laboratory and research situations without having to enter potentially hazardous areas.

Fire protection and safety at work

The system of escape and rescue routes is the heart and soul of any fire protection plan and forms the skeleton for any building use. For safety reasons, no combustible or highly flammable substances may be stored, carried or distributed in them. PRIORIT is specialized in this area and offers solutions for workplaces and laboratory buildings.

The laws on fire protection and safety at work make sure that staff and building users can fulfil their tasks without getting into danger. Both systems of rules help prevent unplanned, critical borderline situations. Because a properly used building needs to provide safety to people at any time. Any time also means in case of fire. Because fires and accidents are conceivable risks to be reckoned with.

Safety systems

The solution to the needs of fire protection and safety at work is to seal combustible media. Escape and rescue routes remain safe if the sealing is carried out, as in this case, with the system PRIODOOR. The fire protection system ensures that there is no spread of fire for 30 minutes. Even if the control equipment and the media supply are set on fire, the 35-meter-long escape and rescue routes would remain free of fire. But not only that: Even perilous fire gases have no chance of invading escape and rescue routes. In case of fire, a multi-stage sealing system of elastic and expanding seals ensures that cold smoke and hot smoke from the fire remains behind the sealing.

Fire protection system PRIODOOR

The fire protection expert PRIORIT combines its expertise in its fire protection system 42 mm, which includes ceilings, walls, doors and inspection covers. The components can be combined in almost any arrangement to seal areas with fire loads in terms of fire protection.

The components consist of the non-combustible composite material with an A2 rating: PRIODEK H has an easy-care surface with freely selectable colours and decorative structures. This makes it possible to use it in all laboratory areas. The material is recommended because of its superior strength and durability for use in the heavily trafficked areas of escape and rescue routes. The construction planning of the fire protection system is project-based. The components come pre-assembled to the construction site and the lining is performed to a large degree free from construction dirt and dust. Therefore, extensions and alterations can be made during operation.

The fire protection project at WACKER

Prior to the expansion, the 35 meter long corridors were equipped with cabinets that took up all that was necessary but couldn‘t be stored in the laboratories: Appliances, utensils and tools, archives, shelves and wardrobes. The escape and rescue routes were now to be freed completely from all fire loads.
The firestop seals with distributors for gas, electricity and fluids can now be found next to all laboratory entrances: Thanks to the PRIORIT System 42 mm with 42 mm PRIOWALL and PRIODOOR, the integration into the escape and rescue routes didn‘t presented a problem. The ducts and distributors are sealed off with wall plates and inspection covers. The non-combustible A2 rated building material ensures zero fire loads in escape and rescue routes for an extended period of time and provides the required robust surfaces. The space between the manholes and laboratory entrances could be lined with the same material used for storage spaces and archives. Thus there is still enough space available, no matter how oxidizing the stored material is. The comprehensive redesign of the corridors with the PRIORIT System combines fire protection, safety at work and design in a unique manner.


The know-how of PRIORIT makes it possible that neither employees nor guests recognize any differences in the hallway fixtures. What for? A label is sufficient. Double cylinders, which are integrated with the building locking system of the company enable secure locking and permit all authorized persons access to the designated areas.

The exceptional height of loading doors and inspection covers not only increases the available storage space. Both building engineers and facilities management benefit from the virtually unrestricted accessibility of the manholes in height and width. This makes the additional installations of
ventilation ducts, pipes and cables an easy task – at any time and in the future too.
Fire-protection appliances were upgraded on all six floors. Thus, the existing laboratory-building has the same qualities as the new extension. Lightness and design ensure that there is no discrimination between old and new buildings and that the classification as a unified research complex is appropriate.

Project data
Project location:Burghausen
Building:Wacker Chemie AG; Industry
Year of Construction:2013
Solution:PRIOWALL with inspection closures
Material:Non-combustible panel with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
Fire resistance:30 Minutes / 90 Minutes
Protection Target:Fire load insulation in escape routes
Special features:Uniform surface for the sealing of TBE-ducts, power supply, archives and storage.

Wall system


Single-layer, fire-resistant wall system with various surfaces for the formation of interior partitions for room closures, fire areas, etc. The PRIOWALL wall system consists of coated non-flammable wall panels of 42 mm in thickness, which can be easily and neatly constructed, converted and expanded using various joining technologies.
PRIOWALL is a component of the „System 42“ modular fire protection system and is suited for the installation of PRIORIT system components such as fire-protection closures, inspection opening closures, smoke-extraction flaps, fire dampers and bulkheads or ventilation elements.

Product details at a glance

  • 30/90 minutes fire resistance, fire retardant/fire resistant
  • EI 30, EI 90 classification
  • Single-ply, highly stable prefabricated elements
  • Construction possible in I-shape, L-shape and U-shape
  • Planning on a project-by-project basis, manufacturing and installation
  • Overall height up to 4 m, unlimited width
  • Installation of various PRIODOOR ETX inspection closures


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