The OPTINEO – a new landmark for the Werksviertel combines the past with the future

The Werksviertel in Munich is a modern neighbourhood with an eventful history.
In close cooperation between the owner family Maltz and the family-run property company WÖHR + BAUER, an impressive property has been created on the former factory site of the Optimo oil works: the Optineo.

Optineo consists of a 17-storey, 65 metre high tower and a five-storey, elongated low-rise building that almost encloses an inner courtyard. The unusual office building was designed by the renowned Nieto Sobejano architects.

Behind the creatively designed façade you will find offices and restaurants. With its exciting architecture and innovative fittings, the modern landmark offers contemporary and high-quality workplaces. The energy-efficient building, certified to Green Building, Leed „Gold“, is also forward-looking.

Structural fire protection products from PRIORIT were used in this innovative environment.
Smoke extraction dampers from PRIORIT AG were installed from the 3rd basement to the 17th floor.

The PRIODOOR ETX-RDA single-leaf smoke control dampers are specially designed as a component of pressurised smoke control systems for closing off discharge shafts and offer an exceptionally large free discharge area. The aim of the application is to keep necessary corridors and safety stairwells smoke-free. In the event of a fire, the smoke control dampers open automatically by controlling the on-site pressurised smoke protection systems. The non-combustible panels of the smoke control dampers are classified A2-s1, d0 with a surface coating. The closure is smoke-tight and offers a fire resistance of over 90 minutes.

In this project, the smoke extraction flaps were dimensioned with an external height of 1900 mm and an external width of 800 mm to ensure that fire gases are reliably discharged in the event of a fire. The white decorative surface finish ideally matches the unobtrusive appearance of the elegant building.

Furthermore, PRIORIT AG inspection closures were installed in the cross-storey shafts in order to keep the building services installations optimally accessible for inspection work and subsequent occupancy.

The PRIODOOR RTH inspection closures were used to fulfil the requirements. The closures, developed in accordance with the model high-rise building directive, have a fire resistance of 90 minutes tested on both sides, are smoke-tight and equipped with an internal overhead door closer.

For additional safety in the accessible shafts, the inspection closures, which already have an internal door handle as standard, have been fitted with an optional panic release.
an optionally available panic release E. This also ensures that the door can be unlocked in the event of accidental locking.

In order to achieve an elegant look here too, a surface with PRIOPAINT primer film was chosen in addition to the unobtrusive stainless steel hinge and a profile half cylinder that is almost flush with the surface. This allows the access panels to be installed discreetly and unobtrusively.


PRIORT‘s fire protection products offer comprehensive functionality and safety and are not at odds with a visually appealing design.
In this building, both the smoke extraction flaps with the selected decorative surface and the inspection opening closures with primer film blend harmoniously into the building design.

Project data
Project location:Munich
Building:Office building, new construction
Project duration:2019 – 2023
Product:PRIODOOR ETX RDA smoke extraction dampers; PRIODOOR RTH inspection closures
Building material class:Non-combustible panel with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
Fire resistance:90 minutes
Protection objective:Keeping escape routes smoke-free;
Fire-resistant partitioning of installation shafts
Special features:Surface with PRIOPAINT primer film
Client/owner:WÖHR + BAUER GmbH; Maltz GbR
Architect:Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos
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Reference report “Optineo”

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Products used


  • For closing openings in outflow shafts
  • To keep safety stairwells smoke-free
  • Opens automatically in case of fire

Inspection opening closures PRIODOOR RTH

  • Fulfils the requirements of the Model High-Rise Building Directive (Germany)
  • Single-leaf inspection opening lock
  • Self-closing

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