Under-table safety cabinet according to DIN EN 14470-1

Storage of flammable liquids or solids

With shelves or pull-outs



Fire resistant, double-leaf under table type 90 safety cabinet for proper storage of flammable liquids and solid materials in work areas.
Type 90 safety cabinets, tested and certified in accordance with EN 14470-1, offer a fire resistance rating of 90 minutes, and are GS (geprüfte Sicherheit – tested safety) certified.
The cabinets offer an extraordinary level of stability and a long service life. The base material is high-density, and does not represent a fire load.
The high-quality interior and exterior surfaces are easy to clean. The doors of the safety cabinets close automatically in case of a fire.

Under-table safety cabinet PRIOCAB Typ90 with shelve


  • GS Certificates
  • Fire resistance 90 minutes
  • Safety cabinet Typ90 according to EN 14470-1
  • Suitable for the storage of inflammable fluids


  • Under-table safety cabinet with high-quality surface inside and outside
  • Single-layer doors and walls made of homogeneous solid material
  • Double-leaf version (width 1100 mm)
  • In case of fire, self-closing ventilation openings at the rear, connections DN 100 mm
  • Free-wheeling doors with thermally induced closure in case of fire
  • Different equipment variants
  • Fittings adjustable in 32 mm hole spacing
  • Floor pan with perforated plate insert for use as a fourth storage level
  • Grounded tank bottom, tilt resistant with a central hole for systematic removal of leakage


Material characteristic

  • Standard surface CP laminate
  • Building material with surface coating, classified A2 – s1, d0: non-combustible
  • Surface light grey, similar to RAL 7035

Dimension drawing

File name
Catalogue excerpt .pdf

Text for tender PRIOCAB Typ90 – Under-table safety cabinet .pdf

Operating instructions under-table safety cabinet .pdf

Installation instructions Recirculated air attachment EBEL:VENT-EN-U .pdf
Installation instructions Replacement filter .pdf
Montageanleitung Einzelkabel-Rohrdurchführung .pdf
Installation instructions Single cable conduit bushing .pdf

Equipment examples

EN92U:067-110: 1 tank bottom, 1 floor pan with perforated plate insert

EN92U:067-110-1A: 1 Fully-extendable shelf

Optionen und Zubehör

  • Doors and entire body in alternative RAL colours / surfaces, on request
  • Tank bottoms, max. load 75 kg
  • Fully extendable shelf, max. load 75 kg
  • Load increase to 150 kg
  • Floor pan incl. perforated plate insert
  • Perforated plate insert
  • Fine (pre)filter for EBEL:VENT-EN-U (replacement)
  • Replacement active charcoal filter for EBEL:VENT-EN-U
  • Connection adaptor for EBEL:VENT-EN-U
  • Single cable and pipe-penetration
  • Recirculated air attachment, ready to plug in

EBEL:VENT-EN-U Recirculated air attachment