PRIODOOR ETX For special solutions

An inspection opening closure for installation shafts with different types of walls

Universally usable

30/90 minutes fire resistance


All-round tightly closing inspection opening closure for flush mounting in the installation shaft wall, optionally as shoring on the installation shaft wall. The closure is availabe single-leaf or doubl-leaf and is suitable for large-scale compliant partitioning of installation shafts and the partitioning of measuring equipment and distributors in escape routes. The closure is tightly sealed all around and offers a fire resistance of 30/90 minutes.

Inspection Opening Closure universal PRIODOOR ETX

Application example: 1-leaf inspection opening closure PRIODOOR ETX, flush mounted


  • 30/90 minutes fire resistance, fire retardant/fire resistant
  • EI 30 i→o, EI 90 i→o classification
  • Smoke protection
  • Leak-proof closing


  • Inspection opening closure with high mechanical resistance
  • Flush mounting or for installation on the wall
  • Single and double-leaf design
  • Circumferential block frame 55 mm wide, 42 mm deep
  • Circumferential smoke and fire seals, expand automatically in the event of a fire
  • Door closes flush with frame, opening angle ca. 180°
  • Single to triple latch lock, depending on door height
  • Locking system with single cylinder
  • Door stop position DIN right, optionally DIN left

Circumferential smoke and fire seals, expand automatically in the event of a fire


Material characteristic

  • Non-combustible board with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
  • Standard CPL surface
  • Colour light grey, similar to RAL 7035, edges and bevels in different colour

Dimension drawing

PRIODOOR ETX – Flush and centered installation

PRIODOOR ETX-AW – Mounting on the wall

PRIODOOR ETX (ETX-3S-SAF) – with three-sided frame and lowerable floor sealing

PRIODOOR ETX (ETX-3S-AW-SAF) with three-sided frame – Installation on the wall

Scope of delivery

  • PRIODOOR ETX as a kit

Assembly details

File name
Catalogue excerpt PRIODOOR ETX .pdf
Texts for tenders PRIODOOR ETX 30 Minuten .pdf.doc
Texts for tenders PRIODOOR ETX 90 Min. .pdf.doc
Assembly instructions PRIODOOR ETX .pdf
Assembly instructions PRIODOOR ETX with wall.pdf
  • All PRIORIT surfaces

F 30/F 90 glass in the door leaf

Case with non-combustible mounting blocks

Set with non-combustible mounting blocks in a bag

  • Stainless steel door handle set, 1 door handle female part, 1 door handle rosette, half spindle 8 x 62 mm, adapter sleeve 9/8 mm, profile cylinder rosette, for right-hand doors (ETX)
  • Door lock cylinder rosette on one side
  • Turning lever V4A 1.4571, including square shaft 9 mm
  • Automatic multipoint lock with panic function E
  • Hinged ring handle V2A including square shaft 9 mm (80 mm diameter)
  • Single cylinder 30/10, senate closure, incl. 2 cruciform keys 75 mm
  • Single cylinder – simultaneous locking without rosette
  • Magnet reed contact Set
  • Mounting hardware