Attractive fire protection assured

Tailor-made fire protection solution for Sortimo International GmbH

For over 40 years, Sortimo International GmbH has developed, produced and sold successful tailor-made vehicle interior solutions. Over the past two years, the company head office in Zusmarshausen has been comprehensively renovated, both technically and visually, and brought up to state-of-the art standards. As part of this work, the buildings fire protection was also improved permanently.

Escape routes must be implemented as a safe escape tunnel, not only with regard to the fire performance of building materials, the fire resistance of structural members but also regarding stability in case of fire. Electric installations and building services shafts in particular represent a very high fire risk. Stored materials also represent unacceptable fire loads. The risk of the fire being additionally spread and making the escape route in the event of a fire is too large.

In the case of Sortimo, small storage rooms, electrical distribution boards or accesses to installation shafts existed on each level of a multi-storey building, without fire protection classification. In the existing building, these areas were separated from the necessary stairwell by wooden panelling, which constituted an additional fire load. This satisfied neither the requirements of the current building regulations, nor the relevant Model Pipework Guidelines (Muster-Leitungsanlagen-Richtlinie – MLAR) with regard to fire resistance and non-flammability of the construction materials.

From this survey of the existing building, the requirements to install new panelling resulted. The objective was to maintain the representative character of the building style, to match the visual effect of the original wooden panelling and at the same time, fulfil the fire protection requirements for smoke control, fire resistance and non-combustible construction material.

The solution: PRIORIT System 42

System 42 is a modular, non-combustible wall and room construction system with a very small wall thickness of 42mm, which enables a fire resistance of 90 minutes. The single layer wall, ceiling, door and inspection elements can be combined flexibly with each other. As a result, almost all designs and types of construction can be achieved. Complex escape tunnels with installation shafts and non-combustible wall panelling can be built just as easily as storage areas separated in terms of fire protection.

The individual elements consist of a board material, which is classified with non-combustible surface A2-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1. By using this non-combustible composite material, no additional fire loads are introduced into the building. All kinds of different surface design options are available – from veneering to coloured decors, through to a finish with stainless steel.

With PRIORIT’s modular fire protection system, it was possible to offer SORTIMO an almost optimal solution: A fire-resistant, non-combustible wall construction system with integrated inspection opening closures and penetration seals – individually designed and produced, with an oak veneer surface. The precise-fitting prefabricated elements were installed on site on-schedule and properly by factory installers. The tailor-made wall system fulfils all fire protection requirements while impressing with its first-class appearance.

Project data
Project location:Zusmarshausen
Building:Sortimo International GmbH, administration building
Year of Construction:2018
Solution:Wall system PRIOWALL with inspection opening closures PRIODOOR ETX
Material:Non-combustible panel with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
Fire resistance:90 Minutes
Protection Target:Fire load insulation of installation shafts and stored goods on the escape and rescue route
Special features:Oak veneered surface

Wall system


Single-layer, fire-resistant wall system with various surfaces for the formation of interior partitions for room closures, fire areas, etc. The PRIOWALL wall system consists of coated non-flammable wall panels of 42 mm in thickness, which can be easily and neatly constructed, converted and expanded using various joining technologies.
PRIOWALL is a component of the „System 42“ modular fire protection system and is suited for the installation of PRIORIT system components such as fire-protection closures, inspection opening closures, smoke-extraction flaps, fire dampers and bulkheads or ventilation elements.

Product details at a glance

  • 30/90 minutes fire resistance, fire retardant/fire resistant
  • EI 30, EI 90 classification
  • Single-ply, highly stable prefabricated elements
  • Construction possible in I-shape, L-shape and U-shape
  • Planning on a project-by-project basis, manufacturing and installation
  • Overall height up to 4 m, unlimited width
  • Installation of various PRIODOOR ETX inspection closures


Reference report “With safety beautiful fire protection”

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