Safety Cabinets according to DIN EN 14470-1

Storage of flammable liquids or solids

With shelves or pull-outs



Fire-resistant type 90 safety cabinet, available in two sizes (single- and double-leaf) for proper storage of flammable liquids and solid materials in work areas.
Type 90 safety cabinets, tested and certified in accordance with EN 14470-1, offer a fire resistance rating of 90 minutes, and are GS (geprüfte Sicherheit – tested safety) certified.
The cabinets offer an extraordinary level of stability and a long service life. The base material is high-density, and does not represent a fire load.
The high-quality interior and exterior surfaces are easy to clean. Feet are integrated as a standard feature and can be adjusted from the inside, making it easy to set up and align the cabinets. The
base has clearance for a lift truck or forklift to drive underneath, allowing the cabinets to be moved and transported easily. The doors of the safety cabinets close automatically in case of a fire.

Double leaf safety cabinet type90 in special decor with tank bottoms

Pull-out shelves for safety cabinets


  • GS Certificates
  • Fire resistance 90 minutes
  • Safety cabinet Typ90 according to EN 14470-1
  • Suitable for the storage of inflammable fluids


  • Safety cabinet with high-quality surface inside and outside
  • Single-layer doors and walls made of homogeneous solid material
  • Single and double-leaf version (width 595 mm and 1195 mm)
  • Self-closing ventilation openings on the top of the cabinet operate in the event of fire, connections DN 100 mm
  • Single leaf cabinet with hydraulic door closer, mechanical hold-open 90° and closing in the event of fire
  • Double leaf cabinets with free-wheeling doors: thermally induced closure in the event of a fire
  • Different equipment variants
  • Fittings adjustable in 32 mm hole spacing
  • Floor pan with perforated plate insert for use as a fourth storage level
  • Grounded tank bottom, tilt resistant with a central hole for systematic removal of leakage
  • With ground clearance for easy lifting, height 100 mm with removable front panel

Plinth with ground clearance for easy lifting


Material characteristic

  • Standard surface CP laminate
  • Building material with surface coating, classified A2 – s1, d0: non-combustible
  • Surface light grey, similar to RAL 7035

Dimension drawing

File name
Catalogue excerpt .pdf
Text for tender PRIOCAB Typ90 – Single-leaf safety cabinet .pdf.doc
Text for tender PRIOCAB Typ90 – Double-leaf safety cabinet .pdf.doc
Operating instructions PRIOCAB Typ90 .pdf
Installation instructions Recirculated air attachment EBEL:VENT-EN-U .pdf
Assembly instructions for external exhaust air attachment EBEL:VENT-EN9-A.pdf
Installation instructions Replacement filter .pdf
Installation instructions Single cable conduit bushing .pdf
Installation instructions pull-outs for PRIOCAB .pdf

Equipment examples

EN91-196-060: 3 tank bottoms, 1 floor pan with perforated plate insert

EN92:196-120: 3 tank bottoms, 1 floor pan with perforated plate insert

EN91-196-060-4A: 4 Fully-extendable shelves

EN91-196-060-5A: 5 Fully-extendable shelves

EN91-196-060-6A: 6 Fully-extendable shelves

EN92:196-120-4A: 4 Fully-extendable shelves

EN92:196-120-5A: 5 Fully-extendable shelves

EN92:196-120-6A: 6 Fully-extendable shelves

Options & Accessories

  • Doors and entire body in alternative RAL colours / surfaces, on request
  • Tank bottoms, max. load 75 kg
  • Fully extendable shelf, max. load 75 kg
  • Load increase to 150 kg
  • Floor pan incl. perforated plate insert
  • Perforated plate insert
  • Equipment in stainless steel on request
  • Fine (pre)filter for EBEL:VENT-EN-U (replacement)
  • Replacement active charcoal filter for EBEL:VENT-EN-U
  • Connection adaptor for EBEL:VENT-EN-U
  • Single cable and pipe-penetration
  • Recirculated air attachment, ready to plug in
  • Extract air attachment, ready to plug in

EBEL:VENT-EN-U Recirculated air attachment

EBEL:VENT-EN9-A Extract air attachment