Contemporary fire protection at the Kurstift Bad Brückenau

The Kurstift Bad Brückenau offers residents security and many amenities for people who want to enjoy their twilight years carefree. This also includes building security.

Electrical installations and building services shafts pose a very high fire risk. As in almost all high-rise apartment buildings, the installations, fuses and electricity meters for the individual flats are located in the corridors. In the existing building, these were separated with panelling without fire protection classification. This is no longer state of the art – neither in terms of fire resistance nor non-combustibility of the building materials.

This inventory resulted in the requirement to install new cladding that can be individually planned, is visually appealing and at the same time comprehensively fulfils the fire protection requirements. In addition, the installation was to be carried out with as little disruption to the daily routine as possible.

Wall and room construction system from PRIORIT – ideal for building in existing structures

System 42 is a modular wall and room construction system with a very low wall thickness of only 42 mm, which enables a fire resistance of 90 minutes.
The single-layer wall, ceiling, door and inspection elements can be flexibly combined with each other. This means that almost all designs and types of construction can be realised.
The individual elements consist of a panel building material with a non-combustible A2-s1, d0 surface, classified according to EN 13501-1. By using this non-combustible composite material, no additional fire loads are introduced into the building.

The PRIOWALL wall system was used to seal off the electrical installations, meter systems and fuses from the corridors in a fire-resistant and smoke-tight manner. The integrated large-format inspection opening closures provide optimal accessibility for both inspection work and reoccupancy.

The dismantling of the existing cladding and the installation of the new partition wall was carried out professionally and on schedule by PRIORIT system partner Hüfner Brandschutz GmbH. Thanks to the precisely fitting prefabricated elements, the work could be carried out during ongoing operations without any significant dust or noise nuisance for the residents.

Project data
Project location:Bad Brückenau
Building:Kurstift, senior citizens‘ residence
Year of construction:2021/2022 (fire protection measure)
Solution:PRIOWALL wall system; PRIODOOR ETX inspection doors;
Material:Non-combustible board with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
Fire resistance: 90 minutes
Protection:Fire-resistant separation of electrical installations and meter units of the flats in necessary corridors
Special features:Assembly work during operation
Shoring:Hüfner Brandschutz GmbH
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Reference Report “Kurstift Bad Brückenau”

PDF | Stand: 06/2022 | ca. 2,00 MB

Products used

Wall system PRIOWALL

  • Single-layer, fire-resistant wall system
  • Installation of System42 elements
  • Versatile solutions

Inspection closure PRIODOOR ETX

  • Discreet and unobtrusive
  • EI 30 i→o; EI 90 i→o classification
  • Tightly closing
  • Continuous decors possible