Fire protection as an Olympic sport


The Olympiahalle was constructed in 1972 for the Olympic games in Munich. A large number of buildings were constructed specifically for this special event over a relatively short construction time. The team of architects led by Professor Behnisch made use of novel concepts and new materials.

Over 40 years after the Olympiahalle was constructed, it was time to modernize the electrical installations. In the course of this project, the structural fire protection measures also needed to be fully retrofitted.

Initial situation:

When the Olympiahalle was constructed, the required electrical distributors were placed in central locations, mainly stairwells and corridors. This made them easily accessible and helped keep wiring distances relatively short.

Most of these are narrow, floor-to-ceiling electrical distributors mounted directly on load-bearing concrete supports. Some existing distributors were installed one above the other, then connected with a cable.


Due to their exposed position, this project required a solution that did not take up much space, offered appealing visual design options, and that could serve as a reliable partition for the fire hazard posed by the electrical installations (fire loads). At the same time, this solution needed to be adjusted to the individual technical circumstances:

  • Large bundles of cables routed out of the distributors
  • Distributor claddings over two levels
  • Complex technical systems that needed to remain easily accessible
  • Limited available space
  • Access protected connection for the event technology supply lines


During the advance planning phase, initial plans were developed alongside the participating architectural firm and the TBS planner heading up construction, with the support of PRIORIT. Even during this phase, it became clear that PRIORIT’s wall and room construction system was the best choice for ensuring optimal solutions to the different challenges the project faced. The planners used the sketches created during the early planning phase as an ideal basis for their ongoing work.

Renowned Munich electrical firm Zausinger GmbH & Co.KG was hired to replace the electrical installations. Required fire protection work was included in the overall order. PRIORIT AG received the contract for cladding for the electrical distributors. During the implementation phase, the fire protection retrofitting was carried out in close coordination with the electrical firm. The responsible project manager from PRIORIT provided support for the project, from the start through to documentation and acceptance. He was often on site to take measurements, plan the solutions in detail and coordinate production drawings with the project manager from the electrical firm.

More than just fire protection:

In addition to fire protection, access protection was another goal in the direct access area to the arena. To ensure the required three-phase alternating current would be available reliably for event technology during an event, the outlets needed to be protected securely against unauthorised access. In addition to the fire-resistant distributor partitions, another inspection opening closure with the same appearance and design was installed on each one simply to provide access protection. These were not relevant as fire protection measures. Cables were routed through an opening on the bottom. When the top door is closed, unauthorized access is reliably prevented, along with accidentally disconnecting cables.

These components were installed entirely by PRIORIT company technicians. Work was completed in multiple segments over a long period of time, since it was only possible to work during months when the Olympiahalle was not in use.


Work was completed smoothly, thanks to close collaboration between PRIORIT and the electrical installation company. The developer was very satisfied with how the project was carried out, and the results look great. Custom pre-fabricated wall and door elements, just 42 mm thick, were installed quickly and almost dust-free, and the pre-finished surface creates a visually uniform and appealing overall look.

One unique highlight is the surface of the new fire protection claddings, which is silver in some areas.

Installation of the comprehensive fire protection solution will help ensure the safety of visitors to the Olympiahalle for decades to come.

Project data
Project location:Munich
Building:Olympiahalle, event building
Year of construction:1972, fire protection technology renovation 2019 – 2021
Solution:PRIOWALL wall system;
PRIODOOR EXT inspection closures
Material:Non-combustible panel with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
Fire-resistance rating:90 minutes
Protective target:Fire-resistant separation of electrical distributor units
Special features:Wall elements adapted to the structural conditions; silver surfaces for the wall and door elements in some areas
Developer:Munich public utilities as the operator of the Olympiahalle
Architect:Auer + Weber
Photos:Daniel Schvarcz
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Reference report “Olympiahalle München”

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Products used

Wall system Priowall

  • Single-layer, fire-resistant wall system
  • Installation of System42 elements
  • Diverse solutions

Inspection closure PRIODOOR ETX

  • Especially for special solutions
  • EI 30 i→o; EI 90 i→o classification
  • Tightly closing

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