The hospitals of the future are digitised, innovative, and process-optimised, in some cases through the growing use of artificial intelligence. Accordingly, the energy distribution systems in hospitals are subject to high requirements. A large number of components, switching systems, and power distribution systems need to be housed and carefully protected.

That was the case in this project. The available space in the entryway area was ideal to store a large number of data distributors.

Therefore, a “room in room” solution was planned with a back wall and ceiling, incl. multiple cable bulkheads. The existing system partition wall could not be used in a structural solution since it was designed without a fire protection classification (F0). Therefore, only a four-sided room solution was considered.

Three large-format, dual-leaf inspection closures were used to ensure optimal access to the data distributors. The modular design allowed for quick and almost dust-free installation during ongoing operations.

The existing tile floor inside the room was then filled and smoothed on site.

Another bonus of the room-in-room solution was the finished, easy to care for surface, which required no filling, painting, or wallpapering work.

Project data
Project location:Göttingen
Building:University Medicine Göttingen (UMG)
Year of construction:2020 (room-in-room solution)
Solution:Retrofit installation of a “room-in-room” solution in the foyer of a large clinic
Product:Fire-resistant room, consisting of wall elements, ceiling elements, dual-leaf inspection opening closures, cable bulkheads, stainless steel edge protection, full ceiling panel
Material:Non-combustible panel with surface coating, classification A2 – s1, d0
Fire-resistance rating:30 Minuten
Protective target:Fire-resistant housing for data distributors
Special features:Exterior height: 2350 mm, exterior width 7300 mm, exterior depth 1334 mm surface white, similar to RAL 9016
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Reference report “Room-in-Room-Solution”

PDF | Stand: 04/2022 | ca. 2,00 MB

Products used

Wall system Priowall

  • Single-layer, fire-resistant wall system
  • Installation of System42 elements
  • Versatile solutions

Inspection closure PRIODOOR ETX

  • Especially for special solutions
  • EI 30 i→o; EI 90 i→o classification
  • Tightly closing

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